American skeleton competitor John Daly came back to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea for redemption.

(For those wondering, skeleton is a sport where the athlete lays head-first on a flat sled and aims to complete the course with the fastest speed.)

Daly’s 2014 Sochi campaign ended in tears and anger rather than joy, when his sled popped out of the starting groove and left him off the podium. Following that race, Daly quietly retired and settled into life after the Olympics.

Instagram/John Daly

However, it was a question he was asked while on a date that made him realize maybe he wasn’t quite ready for retirement.

According to Daly, he was asked by a woman he was dating at the time what he was passionate about. Daly admitted he couldn’t answer the question, making him realize that what he was passionate about was the Olympic sport he had just retired from.

So, the 32-year-old suited back up and found himself at the Olympics yet again.

Unfortunately for Daly, the Pyeongchang Olympics didn’t end the way he had hoped after he struggled to find the line on his second of four runs and was unable to come back from that mistake.

However, he doesn’t appear to regret it. He said of his final Olympic race:

“I believe that everyone will have moments in their lives that will change who they are forever. Mine was February 15, 2014. Once tomorrow’s race is over, the deafening crowds will silence and my name will no longer be in lights. I won’t remember how I made it through and I won’t be the same person I was when I started this journey. What I will remember are the memories made, the lifelong friendships that i’ll cherish and the fact that I held my head high, put my helmet on one more time, and tried.”

Daly then dedicated his final run to those who have supported his journey:

The three-time Olympian took 16th overall.

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