Back in late October, Rory Feeks daughter from his first marriage, Hope, married her now wife on the farm where Rory and Joey lived together during their 14-year marriage.

Hope was escorted down the aisle by her father, but not before Rory and Joey’s five-year-old daughter, Indy, made her way down the aisle as the flower girl.

Indy, who is Joey’s only biological daughter, wore a huge smile and a beautiful white dress on her sister’s big day.

When Hope first came out to her father, telling him that she was in love with her friend and now wife, Wendy, Rory admitted to Today that he didn’t have the best reaction to the news:

“My first reaction was not the best one because it was such a challenge to my faith. Our faith and our believe system is really how we are getting through everything and then all of a sudden everything I thought I knew about love and that I thought was right and wrong. I thought our blessings are because Joey and I made the right decisions. I still think they are, but we made the right decisions for us and we were trying to follow what God said that we should do.

So when Hopie said that I didn’t really know how to react.

According to Today, Hope told her father not long after Joey passed away after a battle with cervical cancer in 2016.

The then 27-year-old worried her father would stop loving her and that he wouldn’t allow her around Indy anymore.

Rory continued:

“I really didn’t know the answer to that. You know, I’m afraid that I, at first thought, was ‘I don’t know.’ But it didn’t take very long for me to realize that this is the way life works. You go from one thing you think you can’t handle, that you end up learning so much from, to another thing that you didn’t see coming that you’re gonna learn so much from. I’m learning how to love my middle daughter, who I love like crazy, but I’m learning how to love her even when our faith and our choices don’t line up exactly.”

Nonetheless, Rory was able to grow from his initial reaction and now supports his daughter wholeheartedly:

“And I really see it as a chance for me to grow. It’s easy to love my wife, she was an amazing lady. What happens when your daughter says, ‘I’d like to marry my friend Wendy at the farm?’ And she’s waited her whole life, her whole life for this moment. It took me a little while, well if that’s what she wants then that’s what she should get. …

So I am thrilled. I love Hopie. I love Wendy. She’s a great girl and she’s happy. And I just want what’s the best for them.”

According to the “conservative Christian,” he was criticized for accepting his daughter’s lifestyle.

Some of the comments made regarding his daughter’s wedding included:

Major disappointment!
We have followed this family through the loss of Joey Feek and believed they were true born again believers. Sadly I do not believe they know the God of the Bible at all.

However, he hopes other Christians can learn from his relationship with his daughter should they ever find themselves in a similar situation:

“The biggest thing is God’s bigger than this and I understand that it’s a challenging situation. But if it shows up at your house, you might look at it differently. The biggest thing that it’s shown me is that if I were going to be more Christlike, wouldn’t it be this? Wouldn’t I love greater? What’s been really fun is seeing my daughter realize that I love her. I love her no matter what. I could’ve got that wrong.”

Rory’s eldest daughter, Hiedi, shared photos of the big day on her Instagram account:

Many of the photos show Indy getting ready, and a loving father supporting his daughter on one of the biggest days of her life.

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28 Replies to “Joey and Rory Feek’s Daughter, Indy, Rocks It as Flower Girl in Sister’s Wedding That Challenged Rory’s Faith”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    That dose not line up with Gods Word in the Bible,that is sin,no matter who dose it,my child or yours,it is still wrong ! I would still love my child but I would not help her or him in their sin. I love God more! I would be sinning if I helped in this!

    • Pat Caffee 2 years ago

      First of all, learn to spell. Yes, it is sin. BUT, how can he minister if he turns his back? Like was posted, wait till it’s your turn.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      So I assume that you have a direct line to God and he told you personally that this is wrong!!! Foe heaven’s sake live and let live!!!

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        The Word says this is wrong. Too many believers who don’t really know what they are believing in. If you believe in Jesus, the Word need to be your guide, not your feelings.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I totally agree !!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      You are so sad, do you not believe in the teachings of Jesus! Where does He say to judge and condemn? Nowhere

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      You say you love God more than your child? That’s a sin.. your a horrible person for even saying something like that?

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        I agree…how can any parent luv god more than there children…shame on u

      • Maz 2 years ago

        I agree…how can any parent luv god more than there children…shame on u

  • Alberna Bunker 2 years ago

    If it were my daughter I would love her as always but I would not accept the life style choice that she had chosen .nor would I give her away or invite the intended into my home.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Sorry, but that is not showing love for your daughter!! God will not give you more than you can handle!! Learn to except what is handed to you!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    For all of you who say this is a sin. You better search within your own souls and realize your not in a position to judge. Only God. It is your duty to love and forgive . Let God handle the rest.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The Bible states there can be a righteous judgement. Don’t have to search anything but the Bible, it’s in there.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Amen….. When you are born again and you are living a clean life that’s when we as Christians can judge one who is not.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Beth 2 years ago

    This is not for our judgment. God is the decision. Love each other as we love ourselves. Simple statement, hard to follow

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You can hate the sin but love the sinner. God loves us all.. we all sin in different ways. Good for him for loving his daughter and supporting her even if he doesn’t agree with her lifestyle and choice. God does that for us each and every day.. he chooses to love us and still support us even if the decision we make isn’t the right one.

  • Natasha 2 years ago

    I don’t usually comment on things like this but here I go… Yes the Bible says this is a sin, BUT it says that so many other things are too. It also says that only the blameless can cast the first stone…I know that I’m not blameless by a long shot. I also know just because I have decided to follow Jesus that my sinning doesn’t just stop. That it’s a struggle daily to do right. And what about the part of the Bible that says “love thy neighbor”. The Bible also talks about Jesus being rebuked by the Pharisees because of the people that he associated with. I could definitely be wrong, but I feel like if Jesus were to walk the earth today like he did in Biblical times that these types of people would be the ones he would be with. It’s like someone else said how can you show someone the love of Christ without loving them, especially if it’s a family member? We all have things that we will have to stand before God and answer to on Judgement day, but I don’t think him continuing to love his daughter even though she’s sinning is one of them. If anything I believe he’s emulating Christ because isn’t that what Christ does for us every single day, is know that we have sinned and will continue to sin and forgive us and love us anyway?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Its wrong God is against that lifestyle 2 women can not have babies just as 2 men can not!

  • Ellen Brennan 2 years ago

    Only God can judge this couple. Not you, not me. You may not agree, that’s your right. You have zero, zip, nada rights to criticize Mr. Feek and his choices. He will be held accountable only by the Lord.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The Bible is man written and created has nothing to do with Jesuses teaching or God’s blessings or understanding.

  • kim white 2 years ago

    God say’s to have love,faith and hope! and that is not our job to judge other’s. that is his job! Rory love’s his daughter no matter what. That’s what’s important. not all the Hypocritical nonsense.

  • Faith colletti 2 years ago

    I have been praying for your family since Joey was fighting her battle with Cancer. Rory I know you have had too many challenges in your life. I pray that your love for your family will always be as strong as it is now and your love for the Lord will be just as strong. I will continue to pray for you every day because I feel I’m being guided by my faith to do so.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    All have sinned. There are no exceptions. It seems we have different “levels” of sin. Murder is worse than stealing…etc. But to God sin is sin. They are all the same. We do not have the right or authority to judge anybody. It’s not our job. We love, protect, and forgive. Just like we were forgiven for every rotten, vile thing we have or ever will do. You love your kids no matter what. We are Gods children and He loves us more than we ever thought we could love our own kids. The good kids and the rebels…lol. He loves us all and just wants a relationship with us.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Parents are suppose to love their children unconditionally, it’s that easy. I will always be there for my children no matter what the issue.

  • Brittany armes 2 years ago

    I am a Christian. And it’s hard to straddle that line between loving your god and following his teachings but also loving your fellow man and loving without judgement to be a good example for them. How hypocritical are we to throw that stone? Homosexuality to me, if it it is truely a sin, is a sin that hurts no one. It is just love. It hurts no one, it takes from no one and influences no one. You can’t influence someone to be gay as you can’t influence someone to truely be straight. Even if someone never romantically acts on their feelings, they are still gay. The only thing that changes is how we perceive them. If someone marries another gay person they aren’t stealing a mate from straight society they are marrying someone like them. And as far as the ability to reproduce : I ask you is the ability for a couple to reproduce the only value they have as a married couple? This world is overpopulated as it is and this couple could still provide a loving home for a child. Because being gay doesn’t mean they will turn their child gay and being gay doesn’t mean they would harm a child by being different.
    What would have been accomplished if the father had turned his back on his daughter? Nothing but heart ache and the ability to be there for his daughter to help her still live the best Christian life she can even if it’s one that is different from others.I am proud of this man for what really must have been a hard decision to really examine not only his faith but to put himself in the position to be criticized by other Christians. He loved his daughter without judgement and in the same way god loves us.

  • Lorri 2 years ago

    Loving your children is a good thing. Loving the Lord our God is what this life is about. To sanctify that sin in the name of God, that is wrong. This is not judging…this is knowing the word of God. And, that is Mr. Feek’s sin to answer for to God.

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