The last two years have been hard on Jim Carrey, who’s been embroiled in scandal after the passing of his ex-girlfriend. Nearly two years ago, Cathriona White committed suicide in her Los Angeles area home.

TMZ confirmed the 28-year-old was an on-again, off-again partner of Carrey’s. Nearly 18 months after her death, White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, hit the actor with a “wrongful death” lawsuit, accusing him of providing drugs to White that eventually led to her own demise.

Court documents claim Carrey was “deeply saddened” by the sudden passing — he even released a statement to “Entertainment Tonight,” adding:

She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.

Burton’s complaint alleges Carrey’s subsequent grief was a “charade” to mask his guilt of the “individual who had illegally obtained and provided the drugs that killed” his former love interest.

Now, additional documents have emerged that claim Carrey introduced White to several toxic and dangerous factors, including “cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease.”

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The allegations were found on a note allegedly written on White’s own iPad on April 8, 2013, People reported.

The letter, obtained by People, was found after a forensic “examination of Ms. White’s iPad,” Burton’s attorney Michael Avenatti explained.

The note confirms previous allegations the “Bruce Almighty” actor gave her sexually transmitted diseases:

This is what I want, you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologize for it because you care enough to … I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease … I didn’t get a lawyer so I could take your money and I am probably going to get in trouble for texting you.

But Carrey’s camp isn’t buying this note’s authenticity. Instead, they’re pushing that this is yet another attempt to “extort” money from the wealthy actor. Carrey’s attorney, Ray Boucher, told People:

This note helps establish the evidence that this was pure fraud, and that [White], her lawyers and other were trying to establish a basis for Jim into ultimately settling with her based on these false claims. This was part of her and her lawyers campaign to extort money from Jim and ultimately he succumbed.

That’s not all.

Last Friday, Carrey pushed back the claims with a countersuit. The lawsuit is expected to appear in front of a Los Angeles area jury within the next several months.

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