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Jill Duggar Gets Slammed for Letting Marriage ‘Change’ Her After Sharing a Photo of Her in Skinny Jeans

Jill Dillard is being chastised for letting marriage “change” her after her last photo on Instagram shows her wearing pants.

The Duggar family is best known for their strict rules when it comes to their way of life. One of those rules is women should not wear pants — only long skirts and dresses.

So every time one of Michelle and Jim Bob’s daughters are seen wearing pants, it comes as a bit of a shock to their fans.

And this isn’t the first time Jill has caught her following off guard. Last year, Jill revealed that she got her nose pierced:

Now, the mom of two is getting slammed for wearing pants.

Some of her followers worried that Jill was losing her faith by making the decision to publicly wear pants:

How marriage been change u and some of your sisters a cristian woman shouldn’t wear pants at all, read it in the Bible Deuteronomy 22:5

I don’t like the fact That you ladies get married and Start wearing pants you ladies make your parents look bad . The sense of you ladies not speaking about it and Putting pic with pants . All these awful comments about your parents are so hateful “parent controlling” .

Omg she is wearing PANTS

oh so it’s okay for men to dress like women then?

I knew there was something wrong with this pic and then noticed she was wearing pants! I’m sure she only put them@on for the photo for Oliver and Otis ad.

Soon she’ll have tattoos

Is your Dad okay with the trousers?

I though you had to wear long skirts? What’s up with the jeans!

However, some did stick up for the reality television star.

They said that it wasn’t her decision to only wear long dresses while growing up, but it was her parents’ decision to have them live by those roles:

That bull. That’s not in the Bible. Please don’t be a fake Christian. Woman aren’t to dress like men. Wearing pants aren’t men’s. Also we do not have to wear shirts. The only reason her and her sisters wore skirts was because there dad said it was more lady like. It had nothing to do with god.

Jill has not yet publicly commented on her decision to wear pants.

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  1. Didn’t Jesus wear a dress? Is that male or female attire? What it says In the Bible is that a woman should not wear men’s clothing and a man should not wear women’s clothing.

  2. OMG people who are critical of her and others need to just get a life you have way too much time on your hands if your focus is on her wearing jeans or not use your time more wisely and do something that matters.

  3. A woman wearing pants doesn’t make a woman a Christian or not a Christian. What matters is that she has a relationship with Jesus Christ and her heart and life has been cleansed of sin. Once a young person moves out into life there comes a time when they must decide if they believe what their parents believe and dress in this case like their parents do or do they forge another path. Parents may not agree with their children’s decisions but love them just the same. In my early teen years we were not allowed to do anything Sunday afternoon after church at my dad’s insistence. After I grew up I didn’t always keep that tradition. Did he agree with it? Nope but I was old enough to think and act for myself. I’m still a born again Christian.

  4. What in the hell is wrong with all you idiots, who gives a damn about her wearing pants. Most people have a hell of a lot to worry about. It’s her choice not yours. She is not disrespecting god or anyone else. Look what their upbringing did for her brother, molesting many of the girls and many others. So people get real and worry about something more important!

  5. One cannot ever judge the heart of another and determine whether or not they are a Christian. What we wear does not determine our salvation with Jesus. Her clothes are modest and she is a beautiful young mom. Only Jesus knows her heart and their relationship. Just love her like you did before she put pants on! *gasp

    I know many Godly women that wear pants…myself included! Daily!!!!

  6. My Grandmother died in 2011, and in all the years I knew her….I never once saw her wear pants. She explained that it was for modesty, and to not be responsible for tempting another to sin. Fine. Here is the deal, explained to me by my Grandfather , her husband….Granny was convicted, in her own heart …by the Holy Spirit….modesty in her dress, mattered. That is the spirits job….conviction…..ours? Our job is to LOVE….what this woman wears is between her…her God …and her husband….if that is their choice, how to live. It says nothing about her relationship with God….nothing about anything….let it go

  7. You all are such true christians, who are you to judge her and what she does or wears? God loves us all no matter what, now are of you that have nothing better to do then get on Jill for wearing pance needs to go out and do something good for some one and Ill pray for all of you,

  8. We do not live by the laws meant for the Jewish people prior to Christ dying, we live by Faith in Jesus Christ, asking for forgiveness and repenting of our sins. The law was meant for people before Jesus died for our sins.

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