Fans are ripping into Jill Duggar over a photo of her son, and dish soap is to blame.

The “Counting On” star shared a photo of her 2-year-old son with cream he put in his hair when he was hiding from his mommy. But her husband, Derick Dillard, became the center of attention, and he wasn’t even in the picture.

The mom posted the sweet photo of her toddler’s hair covered in diaper rash cream on Instagram:

Jill Dillard/Instagram

Duggar shared what she thought was a funny moment, writing:

That moment when the house gets quiet and you’re like, “oh no! Where is my 2 year old?!” Yup…I found him on the floor behind the chair in his room putting diaper rash cream in his hair! tried washing his hair a couple times with dish soap but he still has a greasy look to his hair. Haha

Some jumped in to say the dish soap trick works wonders. Specialkay1956 posted:

Yep, been there myself Dawn dish liquid, takes out Gum, peanut butter, etc.

Sjurkouich added:

Dawn dish detergent! Works on ducks in oil spills and worked on my 2 year olds hair full of vasaline!

Mamabear_7715T had another idea for Jill to try on her sneaky son:

Throw some baby powder in with his shampoo, it will cut the grease right out! Boys will be boys lol

But after the laughter and suggestions slowed down, the mom was called out for using the cute picture as a tool to pivot away from the drama her husband caused with his attacks on Jazz Jennings. TLC cut ties with Dillard after he made controversial remarks about the transgender star of “I Am Jazz.”

62nannygoat wrote:

Wow…didn’t make much of a mess putting that in his hair. None on his hands, none on his pajamas, none on his face. Come to think of it…..he looks awful bewildered why he is even holding the cream in his hand. Huh??? Trying to deflect from something?

suzygettysburg2017 slammed Duggar’s husband as well:

Maybe if your husband actually worked for a living instead of begging for money for a fake mission trip. You can afford better shampoo.

Duggar was even accused of staging the photo. 62nannygoat wrote:

nope not hard to believe any child makes a mess. Just unbelievable that she is claiming he was hiding making a mess with a tube of diaper rash cream when there is not one drop of it anywhere but a little bit in his hair. Did it just jump from the tube to his hair without getting on his hands? None on his face, his clothes??? Come on, when a kid gets into something….they get into something. This picture isn’t after clean up. With the glob that is in the hair he would have had to have squeezed that tube real hard because he is little so that tube would be squished all up. Kids are NOT careful when squeezing a tube.

Krooningkimberly jumped in to stick up for the mom:

Quit Accusing People Of Lying! Very mean and cruel of you.

Aleosamantha wrote:

some people just want to HATE on others cause they are just SAD MISERABLE people that have nothing better to do.

At least we know most people agree that dish soap seems to be a lifesaver for removing sticky stuff from hair.

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