Jessica Simpson is ready for her third child to arrive, reports Us Weekly. Yet weeks prior to her daughter’s birth the expecting mom in her third trimester was shamed for a trip to SeaWorld.

After a tough pregnancy, some fans questioned why the soon-to-be mother of three would use her platform to promote an organization accused of animal cruelty.

On Monday, Simpson shared pictures of her family making memories at the animal theme park on February 17.

However, many were outraged when the singer posted pictures of her husband, Eric Johnson, and two children, daughter Maxwell, 6, and son Ace, 5, interacting with dolphins at SeaWorld.

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One commenter wrote:

Unfollowing. So disappointing to see you supporting Sea World!!!

Another said:

It is so disturbing and disgusting to see that ppl actually still are going to these torture chambers. Is it not common sense that animals belong in the wild? Especially now with the access we have to educate ourselves … my children know what goes on I hide nothing. They need to know so they can help fight it.

One commenter responded to the post by writing:

The fact that you are promoting a place like SeaWorld to 4.5 million people is actually giving me anxiety #emptythetanks.

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Tight squeeze but I’m pushin’ through

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According to National Geographic, the chain of animal entertainment parks received a fallout after the controversial film “Blackfish,” which premiered five years ago. Since 2013, both celebrities and regular park-goers alike boycotted the parks due to its alleged treatment of its animals.

However, despite the rising backlash over Simpson’s controversial social media post, some fans defended the pregnant mom. One commenter wrote:

Omg people get a life! She’s not promoting anything!!! She took her children to see dolphins like I’m sure All OF YOUR PARENTS DID WHEN YOU WERE CHILDREN TOO! Do you all go to zoos, pet stores, eat meat, use plastic??? Do you keep pets in your homes???? Enough with this BS!!!

Simpson has not commented on the visit to SeaWorld. What do you think about her family trip?

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5 Replies to “Jessica Simpson Shares Pics From a Fun Family Outing to Seaworld. Now She’s Getting Shamed Over the Trip”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Put Jussie Smallone in Seaworld.

  • Jackie 2 years ago fun. Hello.poeple, she was spending time with her family not promoting cruelty to animals. Have you guys seem the lines to get into SeaWorld? Did ya bash all those families? Mind your own business. Amd I doubt Jessica cares if judgmental asses stop following her. I would say “see ya” ?‍♀️

  • ALC 2 years ago

    Zoos & Seaworld protect the animals. If not for them, more animals would be extinct because idiots in the Asian countries like eating them or their parts to get bigger “parts”. Savages.

  • doug 2 years ago

    get over it people she took her kids to seaworld good for her,get a life and stop worrying about others

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    seriously ASIAN!::???!

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