Singer Jessica Simpson wants people to know that she’s excelling at providing for her newest bundle of joy.

In a new Instagram post, Simpson shared the ounces upon ounces of breast milk she’s been able to pump for her nearly two-month-old daughter, Birdie Mae.

The mom joked on Instagram:

I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection.

Many of Simpson’s fans praised the mom of three for her milk pumping abilities, including fellow celebrity Selma Blair, who wrote:

Way to go girl!!!

However, while it seems like Simpson is far from done when it comes to breastfeeding Birdie Mae, some of her followers started encouraging the designer to donate some of her milk to babies and mother who can’t pump or can’t produce breast milk:

You can donate to any NICU for to babies who’s mums are not able to breastfeed.

I produced 100 ounces a day and donated over 50,000 ounces! It’s incredible what our bodies can do.

That is how I was man. Donated over 300 oz and still had some left over

Donate them

Awesome!! If you don’t know, when you overproduce there are ways to donate leftovers!

Such dedication mama!!! There are so many women out there who would kill to be able to supply this much milk!! Way to go!!!!!

According to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation, this is what a donor must do in order to donate:

  • Be confident in her milk supply and produce milk in excess of her own baby’s needs
  • Be willing to donate a minimum total of 150 ounces throughout her time as a donor with us
  • Not have any medical condition that prohibits her from giving blood
  • Not be taking vitamin supplements that exceed 2000% Daily Value (DV)
  • Take only approved medications and herbal supplements/teas. Mothers’ Milk Tea, fenugreek and any lactation support product containing fenugreek or other herbs is NOT compatible with donating.
  • Not have any medical condition that prohibits her from giving blood (there are exceptions to this rule – please contact us if this applies to you).
  • Consume less than 450 mg of caffeine per day (2-3 cups of coffee)
  • Wait 6 hours after drinking any alcoholic beverage to collect milk to donate
  • Be motivated to practice exceptional hygiene and carry out careful milk collection and storage methods
  • Be willing to undergo blood testing
  • Be less than 18 months postpartum when collecting the milk

For those who are interested in considering donating extra breast milk, you can contact the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)   at 303.869.1888 or toll-free at 833-234-0555.

It’s unclear if Simpson is looking into the donation process.

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