Fighting off mom-shamers is no easy task, but Jessa Duggar has undoubtedly learned how by now. 

Perhaps she’s used to the haters, considering she and her siblings are often heavily scrutinized by the public.

As Dearly previous reported, her sister Jill Duggar recently came under fire for a family stroller hack that commenters deemed unsafe.

“Watch the video below:”

And most recently on July 4, Jessa experienced backlash from concerned mothers after her joke on Instagram didn’t exactly sit well with some fans. 

The mom of two shared a video of her youngest son Henry Wilberforce Seewald making funny faces while drinking a beverage from his sippy cup.


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Jessa commented jokingly that she felt the exact same way when she took her first sip of the sugarless carbonated drink La Croix. She wrote:

Pretty much the exact same reaction I had to La Croix the first time I tried it.

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She continued:

Ok, I’ll try it, but just give me a tiny bit! Wow…definitely not Fanta. ? Not too bad though. ?Let me have another sip.


It’s really not that good. Why do I keep drinking it?

It’s unclear what the boy is drinking, but fans debated in her comment section if Jessa actually gave her one-year-old soda. One fan said:

Please tell me you don’t give him Fanta.

Others suggested the same:

His reactions are the best!! But I hope that’s just seltzer.

Fanta! Is that a joke? 


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However, the mom had the perfect response:

No, he prefers coffee and energy drinks.

However, she then followed her sarcasm with:

And of course I’m joking.

He only drinks breast milk and water.

Fans loved her comeback and said it’s the best way to “deal with people who clearly don’t have a sense of humor!”

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