The mom-shamers are at it again.

Jessa Duggar recently shared a “mom moment” on Instagram. In the video, her sons, eight-month-old Henry and 23-month-old Spurgeon, are seen in the grass playing with the fall leaves.

Along with the video, Jessa wrote:

Apparently it’s time for leaf fights. Haha! Henry hasn’t figured out how to retaliate.

Of course, the innocent video quickly sparked some complaints about her parenting skills, according to Cafe Mom,

Fans couldn’t believe that Henry was shoeless, and they put the mom of two in the line of fire for allowing him to go outside dressed as he was.


One commenter was worried about Henry’s cleanliness:

Hopefully you washed their feet and hands even [sic] you got back into the house.

Another was concerned about Jessa getting the house dirty:

I don’t know about you, I don’t want dirt and bugs tracking all over the house and furniture. It’s not the 60s girl. From what I learned Jessa isn’t a hippie.

And another spoke to Henry’s health:

WHERE ARE SOCKS AND SHOES FOR HENRY???? … For crying out loud!!!!!! It’s very cool weather and babies need foot coverings like any other human.


But the “Counting On” star’s defenders also came out to stand up for Jessa.

finalquest65I said:

Think for you being a young mommy, you are doing a FANTASTIC job with your babies. Let them be kids and dirty. There is nothing wrong with that, that a good bar of soap and water can fix. Kuddos to you Jessa!!!

bo.mcgraw was shocked this was even an issue, calling out the people who jumped on Jessa for letting Henry go out in bare feet:

Are people really trippin over no shoes…wow get a life…that was the best part of summer when i was little…an i had the best mom…aka.Mary Poppins…the trolls opinion really don’t matter anyways…so what…who cares…brush them off…happy people don’t feel the need to criticize, so what’s that say about them…too bad …so sad. Blessings y’all a smile a wink and a prayer

darlene_cunningham gave a reminder about who created dirt:

Kids need to be outside getting dirty & playing in the dirt. Being outside & getting dirty is just what their little immune systems need!! Parents that constantly wash & don’t let their kids get dirty end up with sick kids.. Keep those boys outside & getting dirty!! God made dirt it don’t hurt.

And vicky_blue88 even gave Jessa a pat on the back for her parenting skills:

Nothing like a child exploring the world around them. Barefoot and muddy never killed anyone! Your doing a Fantastic job!!

Jessa doesn’t appear to take the negativity surrounding her parenting skills to heart. She just keeps posting about the loves of her life.

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