“Jersey Shore” star, Deena Cortese, is officially a mother.

Cortese and her husband, Christopher Buckner, welcomed a beautiful baby boy January 5 at 4:41 p.m.

The proud new parents named their bundle of joy Christopher John “CJ” Buckner. He was six pounds, 8.5 ounces and 20.5 inches long at birth.

As Dearly previously reported, CJ is named after Cortese’s late father, whom she lost in 2016 after a long battle with Leukemia.

Since welcoming her little boy, Deena hasn’t held back when it comes to sharing photos with her social media family.

Unfortunately, that has also led to the new mom being mom-shamed after only four days of motherhood.

On the day Cortese and her husband were able to take their little one home, she dressed CJ up in an adorable black and white checkered onesie and blue pants.

And just before they strapped him in his car seat and took him outside, the mom also put him in a jumper, one that was “approved by the hospital.”

Regardless of having the car seat and outfit approved, people still wanted Cortese to know the dangers of strapping a child in a car seat while wearing a puffy coat:

No, the reason they know that it is not safe is because the child can literally fly out of their seat during an accident if there is too much space between their body and the straps.

Technically she said that the hospital approved the onesie, not that they checked the car seat. When I had my baby girl last year my husband and I asked the nurse to check the car seat before we left and she gave us the all clear— only for us to find out later from friends that the chest clip was way too low. But as first time parents, we didn’t know any better! While nurses are very knowledgeable about a lot of things, everyone saying that all postpartum nurses are trained to spot car seat errors is a big assumption and not true. The leg straps in this picture do look pretty loose, but we don’t know that they weren’t tightened prior to them actually placing the seat in the car. I do think that sometimes mommy advice can be unsolicited, but when it comes to a safety concern like this where a parent just honestly might not know any better, I think it’s important to speak up. BUT there is always a gentle way to offer up the information so as to make sure that the mom doesn’t feel attacked or shamed in any way. Just my two cents!

this baby will fly out of his car seat in the event of an accident the way he is now sooooo freezing to death isn’t a concern

it’s a BUNTING which is a fleece snowsuit. You’re playing with semantics to feel better about your bad choices. You can tell me all you want, I’m a certified car seat tech and it IS NOT SAFE. Look at the harness around his legs. It’s way too loose. My trained eyes tell me that. You can choose to pretend I’m wrong but you’re just ignorant for that.

not a single CPST would have approved that snow suit in the car seat lol the harness is too loose

However, most followers defended the new mom, telling her not to listen to all the internet trolls.

One follower said, “Welcome to motherhood where everyone has something to say about everything you do with your child.”

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3 Replies to “Four Days After Becoming a Mom, ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Is Already Being Mom Shamed for Car Seat Safety”

  • Lynn koeppen 1 year ago

    The baby is beautiful, so happy for you both. Enjoy every second of your new life.

  • […] welcomed a baby boy named Christopher John into the world just 24 days ago. As Dearly previously reported, the reality TV star named her son after her late father, who passed away after a battle with […]

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Beautiful baby boy!! Love his name. Congratulations!! “ Best years of your life.”

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