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Jerry Seinfeld is known for making millions of people laugh, but don’t mistake that with making millions of people smile.

The comedian, best known for his hit ’90s sitcom “Seinfeld,” has been entirely candid about his preferred boundaries with fans — one of which is no touching.

In a 2015 interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” Seinfeld said that being constantly approached by fans has forced him to set rules:

“I do insist on a certain level of civility: don’t yell at me — we haven’t met. Don’t touch me. Nobody feels good having a total stranger touch them.”

However, recording artist and songwriter Kesha apparently never got that memo — but after one awkward encounter, the singer is sure to never ask Seinfeld for a hug again…

While walking the red carpet on Monday for the National Night of Laughter and Song event at the Kennedy Center, Kesha approached her favorite comedian to express her fandom:

“I’m Kesha. I love you so much, can I give you a hug?”

But rather than smiling and acquiescing in front of the press, Seinfeld responded:

“No, thanks.”

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The singer, clearly thinking he was joking, opened her arms and said:

“Please? A little one.”

Seinfeld, however, wasn’t kidding.

Not only did he refuse to hug the Billboard Music Award nominee, but he held his hands up in front of him and backed away from her — not the kind of behavior fans are used to seeing between celebrities on a red carpet.

After Kesha walked away in embarrassment and defeat, Seinfeld began to laugh with the man interviewing him, Tommy McFly of DC’s 94.7 Fresh FM, saying he didn’t know who she was.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

McFly then informed him the blonde bombshell who he just sent away was Kesha, and Seinfeld — who was still laughing — wished her well before entering the event.

Although the encounter was undoubtedly embarrassing, Kesha has yet to address it. In fact, she tweeted a photo from the event, captioned, “Lots to smile about.”

In the same 2015 interview with CBS, Seinfeld agreed with two choice words when describing his personality:

“I think from ‘Comedians and Cars,’ people have gotten a little bit more of a sense of my personality being a little cranky, a little prickly, perhaps.”

And judging by Kesha’s reaction to his denial, “prickly” might also be her description of Seinfeld for the near future.

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