After winning two games in a row, “Jeopardy!” contestant Manny Abell went into the Final Jeopardy round in last place. Both of his competitors, Fran Fried and Carlos Nobleza Posas, were tied with $12,300. He placed his bet for $999 out of his $1,000 before the question was revealed.

Then, host Alex Trebek revealed the Asian geography trivia question: “It’s the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea & the Persian Gulf.”

Abell, a Naval officer, wrote down “Iraq.” As the last-place contestant, he read his answer first and was incorrect. He shook his head as Trebek went to Posas.

Posas gambled all $12,300 and wrote down “Azerbaijan,” which was also incorrect. Fried also gambled her $12,300. She wrote down “Tibet,” which is incorrect and not a country.

The correct answer was Iran.

Because none of the contestants correctly answered the question, Abell won the round with $1.


Trebek noted that it had been a long time since anyone had won with a dollar. “This is the smallest win in many, many, many years,” he said on the show.

Later, “Jeopardy!” posted a video from the archives of the only known time this had happened before.

In 1993, Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Scott won with a dollar after all three contestants similarly gambled on the final question, only to come short with the answer.

Earlier this season, another notable “Jeopardy!” gambler, Austin Tyler Rogers, went home after losing by $51 to stay-at-home mom Scarlett Simms in Final Jeopardy. Simms lost to Abell in the following episode.

Abell will return again to “Jeopardy!” with another dollar in his pocket and a little more knowledge about Asian geography.

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