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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Open Up About How They Make Their ‘Wonderful’ Blended Family Work

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Open Up About How They Make Their ‘Wonderful’ Blended Family Work

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez opened up in a recent interview about their experience as a blended family.

According to People, Lopez and Rodriguez began dating nearly two years ago, and their love for one another continues to grow.

Lopez said:

“We love each other and we love our life together. The exciting part of our love is that we’re both very aware of how lucky we are to have found each other.”

According to, a blended family is a “stepfamily” created when a couple brings their children from previous relationships together.

In this case, Lopez has 10-year-old twins, Emme and Max, from her marriage with Marc Anthony, and Rodriguez has two daughters,14-year-old Natasha and 10-year-old Ella, from his previous marriage.

As People reports, Lopez and Rodriguez were confident in their love for each other but wanted to ensure the comfort of their respective children. Lucky for the couple, their families hit it off.

Rodriguez said:

“Our kids have become best friends and that keeps us both grounded and appreciative. We couldn’t have asked for anything better than the four of them getting along as they do.”

As reports, respect plays a huge role in the success of blended families. The guide says it’s important not only for the children to respect the adults, but the adults must provide the same respect to children regardless of age.

Lopez noted the love she gave Rodriguez’s kids and how “loving and accepting” he’d been toward hers. She said everyone “embraced each other right away.”

As People reports, the actress and singer said:

“Kids are so beautiful and open to love and new friends.” suggests parents find ways to “experience ‘real life'” with the children to try to get the family used to experiencing “everyday” situations together.

While the holidays aren’t an “everyday” situation, Lopez and Rodriguez did bring their family together to decorate their Christmas tree. Lopez shared several photos from their quality time together on her Instagram.

As People reports, the two are not married but will do things at their “own pace.”

When the singer was asked about marriage on “Good Morning America,” she said:

“Our life right now is incredibly wonderful. Between our kids and our work, we’re truly blessed. We don’t need anything more right now.”

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