The news of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s 2005 breakup might have upset fans more than it did either Brad and Jennifer combined. People couldn’t get over the thought of Hollywood’s favorite couple parting ways — especially when considering how it all went down.

To re-cap, Brad was working on a little old film called “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Remember it? The flick went on to earn just under $500 million worldwide.

It followed the story of a husband and wife in a lackluster marriage — they both just secretly happened to be assassins. They didn’t know each other’s true professions until they were hired to kill one another, and, from there, a steamy love story was born.

Brad and Angelina’s on-screen chemistry was undeniable, but, sadly, so was their off-screen chemistry.

Shortly after Brad and Jennifer separated, Brad and Angelina began a family. The two were together for 12 years and raised six children. But just under a year ago, they, too, announced their split.

Brad has dealt with some serious issues since then, including child abuse allegations and an alcohol addiction, but he’s also dealt with some trivial rumors worthy of an exhausted eye-roll — like that he’s getting back together, or trying to, with Jennifer.

Since his divorce, there have been countless headlines regarding his purported reunion with his “Friends” ex. Some claimed he professed his love for her, some claimed Angelina was paranoid about his affinity towards her, and some simply claimed they were “talking” again.

However, many people forget that during Brad’s long winded relationship with Angelina, Jennifer, too, found love. In 2015, she married actor Justin Theroux.

And since the two tied the knot, well, they’ve seemed entirely happy with one another.

In fact, a source recently told People that they “still very much act like newlyweds.” Another insider told People that “they love to laugh and share a wicked sense of humor,” and that they have a healthy relationship:

“They are great friends and have total respect for each other.”

Although the doting husband and wife don’t exactly over-share on social media, they definitely haven’t been shy when it comes to giving fans a little peak inside their world together:

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And amid all of the Brad-Jennifer rumors being thrown around, her husband decided to share one simple message on their two-year wedding anniversary:

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Without writing a word, he once again proved why he’s not worried about Jennifer’s ex, or any of them, for that matter: He and Jennifer are plainly and utterly in love.

Fans flooded his post with congratulatory messages and compliments, but, clearly, neither Justin nor Jennifer have a care in the world about what anyone else is saying.

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