“Today” host Jenna Bush Hager did not enjoy coming home from a trip only to find red scribbles on her wall.

The exasperated mom had to take a deep breath when she discovered one of her small children decided to explore their creative side and turn her wall into their own personal art canvas.

No one enjoys returning home from traveling only to spend hours trying to remove marks from walls, so Bush Hager asked parents on Instagram for help.

She asked if anyone has successfully removed red crayon from painted walls or wallpaper. Bush Hager wrote:

Dear Insta world, Returned from a few days traveling to this. Any ideas on how to remove red crayon from wall???  Exhaustedly yours, Jenna.

Thank goodness fellow parents on social media quickly came to her aid and shared tips on how to remove the crayon drawings. However, some moms told the mother of two that it’s not the end of the world and she should celebrate her daughters’ wall art.

According to a few parents, Magic Eraser is the best way to remove wall markings. Some people wrote:

Magic eraser!

Yep, they all do it! Did you try magic eraser? Or put a frame around it! It won’t be the last time! Mom life with little ones!

Magic eraser takes it out! Best invention ever! Just don’t rub too hard, it’ll take the paint too, it’s that good LOL Good luck!

While others told the 37-year-old mom to Mila, 5, and Poppy, 3, to simply move her painting down, perhaps her daughters were trying to copy the artwork.

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One commenter wrote:

Move that picture down. And in ten years you’ll move the picture and run your fingers over the crayon and remember a time when your babies were little. 🙂 It goes so fast!

Another said:

My thoughts are she was trying to copy the painting above hers. Put her in art classes. Put an easel and paints and paper in front of her creation on the wall and let her talent shine. 🙂

Interestingly enough, many parents told Bush Hager to just leave the crayon drawings on the wall:
Umm – leave it and love it. There will be a day when that precious grass cloth means absolutely nothing to you, and you’ll crave those sweet, fat little fingers that made the marks to clasp yours. True story.
Poor Bush Hager, do you have any advice for the exhausted mother?

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2 Replies to “Jenna Bush Hager Reveals Daughter Used Crayon to Draw on Their Walls. Some Moms Say ‘Leave It and Love It!’”

  • Kathy Chaney 2 years ago

    All you need are Picture Frames to size and you now have your very own
    Masterpieces. Maybe try specifying just one wall for the Artist (s). Don’t forget to take pictures of all Art work as it takes up less room in your Scrapbook and they can run their hands over the pages and not just look at a Computer Screen.

  • Barb 1 year ago

    I would frame it, enjoy their creativity. They grow up so fast.

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