Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush and current news correspondent on “Today,” has blossomed into a confident woman and mother of two.

However, in a recent interview with “Today,” Jenna revealed one thing that she wasn’t always too happy with — her name.

She confessed that growing up, she’d always wanted to share the name of another member of her family.

Jenna said:

“I was always jealous of [my sister] Barbara, so I want to go by Barbara Bush Hager.”

Both sisters were given family names. Jenna got the name of their maternal grandmother, while Barbara got her name from their paternal grandmother, who is also a former first lady.


Jenna laughed:

“They didn’t know that Barbara Bush was going to be Barbara Bush when they named her that!”

As a result, her sister’s name came with “playful perks.” Jenna recalled:

“As a kid, Barbara would call and order Domino’s and be like, ‘Barbara Bush …’ And they’d be like, ‘Stop pranking us!'”

However, it wasn’t until high school that Jenna realized anonymity had its perks. She said:

“I was always jealous — until high school.”

When teachers did roll call, Barbara would have unwanted attention drawn to her — something Jenna is grateful she didn’t have to endure. High school is hard enough!


Both sisters have grown into their names beautifully, and honestly, we can’t imagine them any other way!

Watch “Today’s” full coverage on names below.

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