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Jenelle Evans Talks About the Pain She Was Experiencing Before Getting Tubes Tied and an Ovary Removed

Jenelle Evans Talks About the Pain She Was Experiencing Before Getting Tubes Tied and an Ovary Removed

“Teen Mom 2’s” Jenelle Evans spoke openly about her decision to get her tubes tied and ovary removed following a hospitalization over the weekend.

The 27-year-old said she’s happy with three kids and doesn’t want any more babies, and that she’s putting her health first.

The reality star told E! News that a series of reproductive issues prompted her decision to undergo a surgical procedure known as tubal ligation. She said:

“I decided to do it because I had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant. I’m also happy with the number of kids I have now.”

In terms of children, Evans has two kids from previous relationships — Jace Vahn Evans, 9, and Kaiser Orion Griffith, 4. The “Teen Mom” star also shares 2-year-old, Ensley Jolie Eason, with husband, David Eason.

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The MTV personality told the outlet that having irregular periods played a major factor in getting her tubes tied. She explained:

“Being back on my regular cycle was very important for me. I was on the IUD for birth control and thinned out my lining. In the end I had my left ovary and polyps removed. They tied my right one though so I still have hormones.”

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Evans rep told Us Weekly that she’s doing well after surgery. She added on Monday:

“I would have never known about any of this unless I had this procedure done. In the long run, it was the best decision for my health and gave me a lot of answers to many problems I was experiencing.”

In an Instagram story video posted on Friday, the mother of three said she was all alone in a dark hospital room watching TV after the medical procedure.

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As Dearly previously reported, her husband later shared a picture over the weekend after his wife got several cysts removed from her uterus, alongside the removal of one of her ovaries.

Easton wrote:

Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet! It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!

The family said they’re just happy to finally get some answers for Evans’ medical situation.

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