“Teen Mom 2” star and mother of three Jenelle Eason has landed in hot water once again.

From safety concerns to custody battles, the reality star has repeatedly found herself under the social media spotlight for her parenting decisions.

And now, she’s under fire again after confirming the drug rumors surrounding her most recent pregnancy with daughter Ensley.

Jenelle Eason/Instagram

According to earlier reports, the mother was put under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) last year when she tested positive for THC, a chemical compound found in marijuana, just after giving birth.

And during a recent interview on “The Brand” podcast, the reality star admitted the rumors were true, People reports.

She told host Vince Russo:

“I’m not going to lie about that. I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive. I did. So CPS were like — I was in the hospital — they said, ‘Did you smoke when you were pregnant?’ I said, ‘I did within the past 30 days. I said I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every five minutes, I can’t even eat.’

And they said, ‘OK, some moms do that. We are not here to judge, we are writing down your information.'”

However, she said CPS left her alone after conducting a wellness check on her family.

Jenelle Eason/Instagram

The mom said:

“And after I had Ensley they said CPS will just come by to do a [wellness] check since you tested positive. They came and did a [wellness] checkup and everything is fine. They closed the case.”

Though the “Teen Mom 2” star didn’t go into specifics, many fans seem to feel that CPS didn’t do enough following the incident. One Twitter user wrote:

Something isn’t right. Tests for weed, CPS says no problem?

Another commenter wrote that “child protective services should take them all” after her recent admission.

However, others argued that the mom wasn’t doing much harm because she was only found with THC in her system and that the baby didn’t test positive.

Regardless of social media users’ opinions, the mother of three said she’s well aware that she’s on CPS’ radar for now.

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