“Teen Mom 2” dad Nathan Griffith was left confused and nervous for his son after hearing ex Jenelle Evans’ husband shot the family dog.

In a 911 call obtained by TMZ, Griffith told police he wanted a welfare check upon hearing David Eason beat and killed Evans’ dog, Nugget, for nipping at his 2-year-old daughter.

Eason previously wrote on his now-deleted Instagram that he shot Nugget because it wasn’t “the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively.”

In the panicked 911 call, Griffith said he had little information on what happened and had been in contact with MTV producers but not Jenelle because she changed her phone number.

He told the dispatcher:

“I’m just trying to find out where my son’s at and what I can do in the situation right now… I just want to make sure my son is safe… This is very traumatic.”

While on hold, Griffth can be heard telling someone in the background that he was concerned about Eason’s behavior and his ex and son’s safety.

He said that Jenelle had left the home with her children to stay with a friend and that he was concerned she or his son, 4-year-old Kaiser, would get hurt if they went back.

He said in the background of the call:

“If [Jenelle] goes back someone is going to die — somebody is going to die. Like if you have the [inaudible] to shoot somebody’s family dog in front of somebody.”

Griffith told dispatch that he didn’t know where his son was staying, but that he wanted an officer of “counselor” to speak with him. He explained:

“Somebody shot a dog in front of my son. That’s very traumatic.”

The call ended with dispatch informing Griffith he’d be contacted by a police officer in a separate call.

Last week, an investigation into animal cruelty was opened against Eason. As of now, he is not facing any charges for shooting the dog.

Jenelle has three children and a stepdaughter, all of whom were likely present in the home when the incident took place.

Listen to the call below:

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