Between her wedding, the custody battle for her son and being investigated by the Department of Social Services over her daughter, and accusing MTV of inaccurately portraying her relationship with now husband, David Eason, “Teen Mom 2’s” Jenelle Evans has had quite the go of it.

And the hits just keep on coming.

In a recent post to her Instagram account, Jenelle included a photo of Eason holding her daughter up to a water fountain so she could drink from it.

She posted the photo along with the caption:

First time for everything. #BabySteps

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

What was meant to be a sweet family photo, though, turned into fuel for people to attack her parenting abilities.

Perfectdisaster_718 wrote:

Not trying to tell you how to parent. Water fountains can carry legionaries disease. Our family friend spent two years recovering and six months in a coma from drinking from a water fountain.

Landon642 commented:

Water fountains contain so many germs…the baby is still so little.

Karrieley wrote:

I guess this is the nurse in me, but those fountains carry so many contagious germs.

Other people were just plain vicious.

Bluedreamkings wrote:

One day he will be doing that with her every other weekend.

Mauveinc wrote:

Just don’t let her drink your bong water you filthy potheads.

Abbylorraine906 wrote:

Posting pictures of your kids isn’t going to correct the PR disaster happening right now.

But some followers came to Evans’s defense.

Mizalyse wrote:

I knew someone would say something. That’s what’s wrong with this world. Everyone is scared of a water faucet.

Just.being.me86 wrote:

Some people need to wise up. It’s a cute picture of a father and a daughter. She is in no danger— She’s having a sip of water.

What do you think? Should parents let their babies drink from public water fountains?

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