In October, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans made a frantic call to 911 alleging that her husband, David Eason, assaulted her after a night of drinking.

As Dearly reported, Evans told police that she heard her collarbone “crack” during the confrontation, which sent her to the hospital.

She said on the call:

“He’s been drinking, and I think that he got violent because he’s been drinking.”

The mother of three did not file a police report against her husband. And now, she says the whole thing was just a “misunderstanding.”

On Monday’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” Evans explained to her mother that she was also intoxicated during the disagreement, People reports.

The reality star said that the fight occurred after they had a bonfire at their house and that Eason took off with some friends. She was angry when he didn’t answer his phone, she explained:

“So when I called him, he wouldn’t answer the phone and I was pissed off and we were drinking. All the kids were sleeping in their rooms and it was like 11:30 at night. When David pulled in the driveway, I came outside, yelling, screaming and cussing at him because I was pissed off he wouldn’t answer his phone.”

Evans said she walked toward her husband to confront him and fell in a hole. She claims he also fell when trying to catch her. Evans told her mom:

“So we both fell and when we fell, he fell on top of me. So when we got back up I was crying, I was screaming, I was mad. I was like, ‘You put me down on purpose.’ He’s like, ‘No, I didn’t.'”

The 27-year-old said she only called the cops because she was “pissed off.” She concluded:

“It was just a misunderstanding.”

Evans denies any abuse, but fans grew concerned after the reality star tried to disprove any wrongdoing on Eason’s behalf.

Many on Twitter claimed she was trying to explain away possible abuse. Some wrote:

However, this isn’t the first time the reality star has backtracked her 911 call.

Shortly after news of the 911 call broke in October, Evans posted a YouTube video in defense of her husband. She said at the time:

“I know everyone’s concerned about me, and I know everyone wants to know, ‘Is she OK? How are the kids? Blah blah blah.’ Everything’s fine.”

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3 Replies to “Jenelle Evans Made Frantic 911 Call After Assault by Husband. Now She Says It Was a ‘Misunderstanding’”

  • CJ 2 years ago

    They absolutely deserve each other.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Great role models for their kids!

  • Diane F Miller 2 years ago

    I don’t watch this show and if the article hadn’t explained her sad #ClaimToFame I’d have to Google her.

    Calling 911 if there is not an emergency, is a crime. So two choices for Janelle. Admit the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth; your husband abuses you or the police should charge you with the crime of interfering with emergency response services.

    There are nice, innocent citizens who could be waiting for legitimately needed help while you are bring a jackass tying up the line.

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