Anyone who has ever been the parent of a toddler knows it can get a bit crazy at times.

Between them learning to get around on their own and more, the older kids get, the harder it is to keep your eye on them. And that’s exactly what happened to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he was supposed to be keeping his eye on his 1-year-old daughter.

Morgan, who has two kids with his wife, actress Hilarie Burton, explained on Instagram that his daughter managed to get him in trouble in what felt like just a minute.

As the hilarious video shows, George got quiet for “just a minute” when she was then found with her mom’s “really expensive face cream” all over her head.

As their older son can be heard in the background saying, “and she used it everywhere but her face.” As Morgan wrote on Instagram:

Well…. so George found Hil’s really expensive face cream. I swear… it all happened in like 1 minute… my watch. My fault. Guess who owes mama [Hilarie Burton] a new batch of magical face sauce? Bath time sucked.

And in the comments section, Hilarie explained the hilarity from her own point of view. She said she knew something went wrong when her husband yelled for her not to be mad.

She then joked that their baby girl has Morgan wrapped around her little finger:

“Don’t be mad!” you hollered from the other room. “Just pull out your camera!” You are WRAPPED, Daddy. Better hope she never gets her hands on your Mustang!
Love you, ya ol’ softie.

Many of Morgan’s followers agreed with Hilarie:

That’s the smile of a man who knows his daughter has him wrapped around her little finger.

And as another commenter put it, “Nothing is more dangerous than a quiet toddler.”

So true.

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