It was obvious to Ashley Mead’s friends and family that her 1-year-old daughter, Winter Daisy, was her everything.

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As earlier reported, the 25-year-old mom had moved from Louisiana to Colorado to live near her baby’s father, Adam Densmore, 32, when she learned she was pregnant.

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The parents shared a living space in Boulder but were no longer in a relationship. It soon became obvious to friends and family that Mead and Densmore were starting to resent one another.

KDVR reports that Mead texted her friend that she was “fed up” with Densmore, whom she described as bipolar and an alcoholic. Mead wrote in a text message:

I hate him on all levels.

Mead had started seeing other people and wanted Densmore to move out.

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According to KUSA, Densmore had always addressed Winter as “Ashley’s daughter.” He also reportedly took a paternity test on February 8 that confirmed he was Winter’s father.

Then, according to the Boulder Police Department, Ashley was reported missing when she didn’t show up to work at a preschool on February 14. Her coworkers said it was “extremely unusual” for Mead to miss work.

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According to KUSA, investigators visited Mead and Densmore’s apartment and found the front door unlocked.

All of the lights had been left on, a dinner was sitting in the oven, Ashley’s cellphone and license were in the home, and blood was found in the bedroom and bathroom.

When the mother and her baby couldn’t be located, police officers put out a call-for-information regarding the whereabouts of Ashley, Winter, and Densmore.

Officers called Densmore’s family and learned he had visited them in Louisiana. His dad told officers, reported by KUSA, that Densmore had called before he arrived and told him:

“I did something stupid.”

Family members recall smelling bleach coming from one of the bathrooms.

Densmore returned a missed call from detectives on February 15. His phone was traced to his location 40 miles outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Local police officers found baby Winter with Densmore. He was brought into the station.

On the same day, a torso was found in a purple suitcase at a gas station dumpster in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. It was later identified as Mead’s.

The luggage tags belonged to Densmore’s sister. Additionally, video footage shows Denmore’s car backing up and placing an item around the dumpster.

Police officers continued to search for dismembered parts of Mead across Oklahoma and other states traversed by Densmore, but they were unsuccessful.

Densmore was extradited from Oklahoma to Colorado.

On February 28, Densmore was charged with first-degree murder, tampering with a corpse, destruction of evidence, and abuse of a corpse. He was held without bail.

This week, as the Daily Camera reports, Boulder County Court heard the evidence that police have to see if he can continue to be held without bail.

The Associated Press reports that new information was revealed during the two-day court hearing.

Police officers showed pictures of bite marks and lacerations on Densmore’s body when he was brought into the police department.

Screenshot/KUSA/Boulder Police Department

Investigators had found a broken pair of glasses that looked like Mead’s in the trunk of Densmore’s car. Mead’s blood was also identified at Densmore’s family home in Louisiana and his apartment in Colorado.

Densmore’s attorney, Kathryn Herold, argued that there wasn’t enough evidence that her client had killed Mead:

“There has been zero testimony on how Ms. Mead died, when she died and where she died. For all we know, she had a heart attack and Mr. Densmore freaked out and cut her up.”

But the courts disagreed with Herold. The murder charge was upheld, and Densmore remained in prison without bond.

Mead’s friends told Dearly they were relieved when they heard Densmore would remain without bond.

In an earlier interview, Amelia Perry told Dearly that Mead wouldn’t have wanted people to dwell on the details of her death:

“The world lost an amazing, one of a kind soul. She wouldn’t want everyone to dwell on the details, or be sad. ‘Look for the signs, find the silver lining,’ she always said. She wanted everyone to feel loved, even if she hated them. She still wanted someone to love them.”

Baby Winter is staying with Mead’s family in Pennsylvania. Densmore’s arraignment will be scheduled for later this year.

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