Jazz Jennings is scheduled to have her gender reassignment surgery on June 20.

However, as Dearly previously reported, it was revealed on her TLC show “I Am Jazz” that Jennings wouldn’t be allowed to go through with her surgery if she didn’t lose 30 pounds.

On the latest season of the show, Jennings’ struggle with binge eating and weight gain was discussed in detail.

Over the past few months, Jennings worked hard to lose the weight and she has successfully lost 30 pounds:

She revealed on YouTube what she was eating when she was at her heaviest— and how she changed her habits to lose the weight.

Jennings explained that her go to order at McDonald’s was a 20 piece chicken nugget, a large order of fries, and three chocolate chip cookies.

She also admitted that she throughly enjoyed Publix chicken tender subs smothered in melted cheese, followed by chocolate cake or cheesecake and chocolate milk.

The teen not only cut calories in order to lose weight, but she also started drinking green smoothies every morning for breakfast and exercising daily.

She wrote on Instagram earlier in May:

Every day my dad and I have been walking/running at least three miles in order to get me moving and about. Prior to this, I was very sedentary and would lay in my bed watching tv on my computer while binging on food. I’m so proud of my progress and finally feel healthy. […] If I did it, then you can definitely do it too!!! […] Thanks Dad for helping me reach my goals, I’ll love you forever and always.

The teen talked about her nightly walks with her father in the video. She also mentioned how she would also occasionally run with her older brother, Sanders.

Jennings also tried to cut her sodium intake and focused on eating healthier snacks like popcorn:

“On top of that I would also eat a lot of meats. […] I absolutely love eating burgers. Burgers are like my favorite foods. So instead of eating burgers, like with the bun and everything, we would just take the burger and wrap it in lettuce.”

And though Jennings has already lost the weight she was required to lose, she said that she would still like to lose 10 to 15 more pounds, so she’s figuring out what she needs to do in order to keep losing and start toning. 

Jennings explained that after losing the initial 30 pounds she plateaued.


I’m treating myself to a burger tonight ? ?? #weightlossjourney

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Her motivation for the first part of her weight loss was the surgery, she is now doing this part for herself.

You can watch Jennings’ full video below:

In an earlier video, Jennings admitted that she doesn’t really have something she is passionate about to keep her motivated.

However, it seems as though her health is quickly becoming one of her top priorities.

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