It’s not a secret that Jazz Jennings’ parents are pretty open and supportive people.

Not only were they open to Jazz living her truth at a very young age, but they have also been there for their daughter every step of the way through her transition.

It’s also hard to imagine Greg and Jeanette finding something they don’t support Jazz doing.

During the latest episode of TLC’s “I Am Jazz,” the 16-year-old was still working toward to lose weight and overcome her binge eating disorder. During a conversation with her parents, Jazz admitted that she believes a lot of the stress that contributes to her eating disorder comes from her being unhappy in school.


She then revealed that she would like to finish her last two years of high school online, rather than in a classroom. Jazz explained that she understands that a lot of kids probably feel the same way about school, but that she’s never been a regular kid:

“I live a very stressful life for a teenager. Food is something that I just find comfort in. It’s stress eating and I’ve been binge eating more since the school year. I feel like with everything going on in my life, virtual school with definitely alleviate a lot of my stress.”

Greg and Jeanette were “tripped” up by Jazz wanting to leave school. Jeanette admits that it felt like her daughter wanted to drop out of high school, adding that she believes her daughter needs to stay in school because she needs structure.

Jeanette explained some of the fears she has about Jazz transitioning into an online school:

“My fear is she’s going to be home and it’s going to be really easy to slack off. She could fall prey to just hanging out in her room day in and day out binge watching tv and eating and becoming more and more unhealthy.”

The mom was also worried about the effect that having her daughter home all the time will have on their relationship, knowing that she will have to play the bad cop day in and day out and provide structure similar to what school gives her for eight hours a day.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

The thought literally reduced Jeanette to tears.

Jeanette knows part of being a mom is putting her child’s needs before her own, and Greg agreed that allowing Jazz to enroll in cyber school has serious repercussions.

However, because Jazz is going through a lot right now, Greg remained open to the idea because he does think the stress that school brings Jazz could be the root of many of the teenager’s problems.

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