During the newest season of TLC’s, “I Am Jazz,” Jazz Jennings has so far undergone an intense gender reassignment surgery and introduced her new boyfriend to the world.

Soon after Jazz completed her surgery, the 18-year-old met 19-year-old Ahmir online.

As Dearly previously reported, Jazz felt an immediate connection to Ahmir after he reached out to her in an email:

“What happened was I created a new email address for my YouTube subscribers, the day I created the new email address I received this email from this guy. I was interested in the message he sent … something compelled me to reply and he just seemed very sincere in the message and it all just blossomed from there.”

The pair eventually became close enough that Ahmir flew down to Florida, where Jazz lives, to meet her parents.

While many of Jazz’s family members had reservations regarding her and Ahmir’s new relationship, they ultimately accepted Ahmir into their lives as well.


However, it hasn’t been as easy for Ahmir and his family.

In the newest episode, Ahmir told Jazz that his mom hasn’t been as accepting of their relationship as he originally thought she would be.

He explained:

“She didn’t acknowledge you for who you were. So it was like, she would say ‘he’ and ‘that’s a man because he was born a man.'”

Jazz responded by saying:

“So she misgendered me. She just sees me as a guy.”

Ahmir added that the most hurtful thing his mom has said to him about his new relationship was, “Jazz was still a man and that I would be gay for being in a relationship with Jazz.”

He continued:

“As soon as my mom said that I lost it. I’m not gay, I’m not attracted to men, and Jazz is a female so it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

However, Ahmir reassured Jazz that despite his mom’s unwillingness to accept their relationship, his feelings towards her “are not going to change.”

But Jazz worried about Ahmir’s mom potentially not letting him back into their home when he returned to Philadelphia.

Jazz said to Ahmir:

“Wait, so she’s going to kick you out of the house just because you like a girl who happens to be transgender?”

Ahmir replied:

“Right, because that’s just how she is and I’m very outspoken. So yeah, that could potentially lead to me being kicked out of the house or whatever else.”

Jazz admitted that she is “really touched” by Ahmir’s willingness to stand up to his mom, but added that it is also “scary” for her to know that just because he is in a relationship with her, it could cause his whole life to be derailed.

After telling her parents about the situation, Jazz’s mom admitted she doesn’t like that fact that her daughter is dating someone with a “transphobic” family, but that she still wants to be there to support her daughter through this time.

Jazz said she never expected that they would be forced into a situation like this when it comes to their families. She ultimately asked to meet Ahmir’s mom, but he was understandably hesitant.

In the end, Ahmir and his mom agree to a phone call with Jazz. However, it ended with Ahmir’s mom saying her son isn’t telling Jazz the whole truth and Ahmir storming out.

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14 Replies to “Jazz Jennings’ Boyfriend Tells Her He Might Be Kicked Out of Home Because Mom Doesn’t Approve of Them”

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    Her boyfriend’s mother may be more accepting of Jazz if she sought professional help. Being transgender is a mental condition. 40% of transgenders have attempted suicide.

  • Lucy 2 years ago

    Gender dysphoria does not kill people. Depression, anxiety, and an intolerant environment do. The high suicide rate is the result of abuse and dismissal. Whether or not gender can be changed, dysphoria CANNOT be ignored. Just because it originates in the brain and not the body does not make it any less valid.

  • ALC 2 years ago

    Gender cannot be changed. Chop off, add to, whatever, DNA is always DNA. “Jazz” will always be male. Bone, muscle, DNA is male. Boyfriend’s mom is correct. Son is gay.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You are an Ignorant cunt!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    How are you calling her a cunt? How do you know how she or he or or they or it or how many other genders alc identifies with. But that was one hell of a winning debate you gave. Hahaha. Ignorance is at your doorstep.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I don’t think that Ahmir is gay. I think that he accepts Jazz as female and respects the surgery that she has had and also is attracted to the female Jazz. It appears they started dating after the surgery. Ahmir seems to be in this for the right reasons. Who knows.

  • Trump 2 years ago

    Disgusting…. def a dude still. people need to REPENT , if you a re born a guy you are a firkin guy!!! FREAKS!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Jazz you want to move out so bad go get s job get s car you need a real reality check what you went through is fine and dandy but you’ve been protect so munch from the real world. You think things should be handed to you how you go I g to pay for rent food etc with no job talc will come to close sooner then later so thAt money won’t be coming in hats off to you’re dad telling you to move out

  • Tami oliver 2 years ago

    Jazz you want to move out so bad go get s job get s car you need a real reality check what you went through is fine and dandy but you’ve been protect so munch from the real world. You think things should be handed to you how you go I g to pay for rent food etc with no job talc will come to close sooner then later so thAt money won’t be coming in hats off to you’re dad telling you to move out

  • BAB 2 years ago

    Trump. Don’t hide behind a false name to make a rotten comment..coward, if you have something to say use your real name. Or shut up!

  • keenerrylie 2 years ago

    Man, there are a bunch of haters commenting! Let them live their lives the way they choose. If you have an issue with them then don’t watch the show.

  • Ash 2 years ago

    The fact remains whether jazz had surgery or not jazz will always be male. Kinda like the man that got his full body tattooed in scales, had horns/piercings inserted in/under his skin, and had his tongue cut. He likes to go by lizard man look him up that was years and years ago before all these transgender surgeries and stories came out. Nobody said “you know what he looks like a lizard and acts like a lizard he is no longer a male he’s completely changed inside and out and will now be recognized and accepted as a cold blooded reptile he is now a Lizard period!” No he was made to be a crazy person and a freak. How about Cat woman? Is she no long a woman? Was she accepted as a the Cat she is? I can go on and on. How about the Girl that thinks and looks like Barbie? Is she accepted as a Doll. The guy that thinks and looks like Ken? Is he accepted? No! so how is everyone going to sit there behind there keyboards or Tv sets and accept one set of people and shun the others. There shouldn’t be no grey areas anymore in this world. if Jazz gets cut Jazz’s DNA will say male! if Cat woman gets cut DNA will say woman not Cat, and if Lizard man gets cut DNA will prove that he isn’t a Lizard he is a male. If I want to believe deep in my soul that I’m a wealthy multimillionaire with not a care in the world my bank account will say I’m full of shit! What I’m basically saying is you can go under the knife, you can dress yourself up, you can cake on a pound of make-up, you can feel it deep with in your soul and 100% believe it! It doesn’t make it true or fact. and you cant change your DNA. So I’m truly sorry that you will never be that unicorn, fairy, vampire, shapeshifter or anything other then what your DNA tells us. Sorry.

  • Loiis Weintraub 2 years ago

    Jazz you are so brave, and beautiful, let know one stand in your way,I love your family .I am a grandma Andy if I could I would give you a big hug. Lo

  • Becky 2 years ago

    @ash. I admire your facts and genuinely agree with you. Whether anyone likes it or not, it’s a matter of biology NOT feelings. This dude’s mom has a right not to be accepting and has a right to feel that way about her son. That’s her son and she’s not here on this earth to appease anyone because that tranny’s family want to label her transphobic. A name solely based off feelings and not facts.

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