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Jazz Jennings’ Dad Has ‘Reservations’ After He Learns Jazz Has a Boyfriend She Met on the Internet

As Dearly previously reported, the star of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” underwent and overcame serious setbacks and obstacles following her gender reassignment surgery.

But as the most recent episode of the show revealed, it was the new boy in Jazz’s life that helped keep her spirits up as she endured the long road toward recovery.

Prior to the show, the reality star introduced Amir on Instagram.

She wrote:

Catch a new episode of #IAmJazz tonight at 9 PM on @tlc to meet someone who holds a very special place in my heart. Thank you Ahmir Steward for going on this incredible journey with me; you are one of the kindest, most creative, and brilliant people I’ve ever met! I hope you all like him as much I do!!

Jazz explained how she met her new love interest during the show.

She explained:

“Well, I did meet up with someone in Philly. A boy. There’s a boy in the picture now. … His name’s Ahmir.

What happened was I created a new email address for my YouTube subscribers, the day I created the new email address I received this email from this guy. I was interested in the message he sent … something compelled me to reply and he just seemed very sincere in the message and it all just blossomed from there.”

The teenager continued:

“We kept talking and he just seemed like a really good guy. One of his Instagram photos was tagged in West Philadelphia. And I’m like, ‘Do you live in Philly?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to Philly like tomorrow.’

So in Philly, we ended up meeting up together.”

And while Jazz seems smitten with Ahmir, most of the people in her life seemed a little wary of the new relationship.


Her mom, Janette, noted that the boy, whom she also got to meet, was “very sweet, but like Jazz is diving right into this, quickly.”

Janette continued:

“Jazz has talked about being in love for so long, and right after her surgery, she’s found a boy. It seemed like it happened overnight and we’re all kind of like shocked.”

Jazz’s father also shared his concerns, especially because they live multiple states away and met on the internet:

“This is somebody that’s not from here. You know, they met on the internet and so I have my reservations about it.”

And her friends encouraged Jazz to keep her guard up when it comes to Ahmir, at least until they get to know each other better.

One of her friends told the cameras:

“For Jazz, getting into a relationship is harder because she is transgender. Jazz is a normal girl, but people may not see that. We just want you to be safe.”

Jazz believes the two of them are very similar, saying that they are both “artistic” and “thinkers.”

Towards the end of the episode, Ahmir did fly down to Florida from Philly to see Jazz and meet her family. How that meeting went remains unclear.

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  1. Even though I met my husband of twenty years on the internet, things are different now she needs to slow down give herself time to recover and be sure what she is doing. take it slow Jazz. Love you from granny Patty

  2. Like, OMG!, does Jeanette like, pepper her sentences with like, the word “LIKE”, just like her son? That’s like crazy. Amir is like, so gonna, like use Jazz, like so he can get, like on tv! And like, he’s no like, not cute. Like neither is Jazz, but like omg eww!!

  3. This guy isnt only ugly lets be foreal your going to go black its no secret what their about look at OJ,the cardashians,Bruce jenner daughter,it gose on and on after everything your putting your parent’s through you slap them with this .only good thing about this is he cant get you pregnant because eventually he will leave you your dumb ass

  4. Chromosomes don’t “lie”(guys are XY while girls are XX) even if someone decides to have surgery to put on the appearance of being another sex they weren’t born into. Now you’ve got to wonder now if Jazz’s boyfriend’s parents will want to have grandchildren because there won’t be any resulting from this relationship, and adoption agencies can turn them down as parents just as with a “same sex” couple. There are former “transgenders” like Sy Rogers who should have been allowed to talk to Jazz before he had surgery, because “transgenders” actually often don’t find life more satisfying after “transitioning”. The doctors performing “sex-change operations” are doing it for the money instead for any therapeutic reasons, and today they are in Thailand rather than in the U.S. What’s really insane is that “tans-activists” want our tax-payer dollars to pay for “sex-change surgery” including those in the military, or in prisons. In the military those who’ve “transitioned” have been found out to be unfit to serve afterward.

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