Much of season four of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” has been about 16-year-old Jazz Jennings preparing for her gender reassignment surgery and her recent weight gain.

Tuesday night’s episode was no different. It showcased the many roadblocks getting in the way of her scheduling the surgery and how her weight gain has become one of those roadblocks.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

As Dearly previously reported, last week, Jazz’s doctor, Dr. Marci Bowers, told the teen that it will difficult to get her surgery approved if she doesn’t lower her Body Mass Index (BMI). She asked Jazz to lose 30 pounds.

Jazz admitted that the road to losing that 30 pounds has been difficult, adding that her mom — despite knowing that she is only trying to help — has been making it even harder for her:

“It’s kind of a fine line between my mom help and hurting me with this weight loss thing. On one end of the spectrum, she really is there for me and she wants to ensure that I lose weight and be healthy and do what I need to do. However, she can be very harsh and that kind of discourages me.”

The other half of the show was about Jazz’s love life and her first date with a female.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

While hanging out with a group of friends, Jazz admitted that she was pansexual, adding that she looks for “intelligence, kindness, flexibility, loving, and confidence” when searching for a partner:

“I identify as pansexual. Being pansexual means that you love an individual for their personality and soul, no matter their label, their sexual orientation, gender identity, anything really, race, religion, whatever they are. You love someone for their heart and who they are on the inside.”

However, when Jazz’s friend told her that she met a girl she thought Jazz would like, the teen was a bit hesitant. Although she identifies as pansexual, Jazz has only ever dated guys. So she was nervous about her first date with a girl.

She went to her brothers for some advice:

“Let’s say hypothetically I was interested in a girl. How do you guys attract the ladies?”

Her brothers were pretty shocked to hear their sister asking them for advice on dating girls, but they admitted that they were cool with Jazz dating whoever she wants to date.

Jazz Jennings/Instagram

Jazz ended up having a good time on her first date with a girl. The teen admitted that she found herself attracted to Victoria and that she would like to see her again.

It’s unclear if Victoria felt the same way.

Watch a clip from the episode below:

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