There are a few things the star of TLC’s “I am Jazz” has to do before her doctor will sign off on her gender reassignment surgery.

Not only does Jazz Jennings have to get the blessing of multiple psychiatrists and work to lower her body mass index by losing 30 pounds, as Dearly previously reported, but her doctor also suggested that she have an orgasm while she still has her biological reproductive organs.


And while getting healthy has been a huge obstacle for Jazz, she put aside her worries about losing weight for a moment to discuss having an orgasm with her grandmother.

According to Jazz, her surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers believes that the 16-year-old “needs to start figuring things out in terms of trying to have an orgasm,” not only so she knows what it feels like but because having an orgasm will help expand the skin and give doctors more to work with during the gender reassignment surgery.

It is also believed that because natural hormones were blocked so early, it could suppress her natural sex drive. However, as Jazz previously explained, she isn’t in a hurry to find her sex drive:

“I’m not worried about suppression having longterm effects on my sexual drive because I know that once I fall in love and I really admire another individual that I’m going to want to have sex with them.”

And Jazz continues to remain open about her journey towards becoming a woman in all ways— even with her grandma.

After learning Jazz went to a mixer to meet a potential partner, her grandmother, Jacky, asked her what she was looking for:

Jacky: “Is this a soul mate or a sexual mate?”

Jazz: “Grandma, do I look like a sexual being?”

Jacky: “I’m not judging you, I’m truly asking just to see where your thinking is.”

Jazz: “This isn’t really my intention, but it could be a benefit of being in a relationship. If I experiment sexually, then maybe I’ll figure out what I like, and then I could have orgasms my entire life.”

Jacky, seemingly shocked, then joked that if her granddaughter wanted to have that many orgasms, she may “have to miss a few days of school.”

It’s no surprise that Jazz’s family is very open and accepting of their transgender daughter and granddaughter, but would you be able to have a conversation like this with your grandma?

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