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The battle of two TLC reality shows continues this week, prompting the network to respond to Derick Dillard’s criticism of “I Am Jazz.”

As earlier reported by Dearly, TLC star Derick Dillard from “Counting On” wrote on Twitter that “Transgender is a myth.” He also claimed that “I Am Jazz” was an oxymoron since it was a reality show that “follows a non-reality”:

Originally, a few of his fans agreed with him in the comments.

But when the tweet started picking up negative attention, he backpedaled and said he had nothing against transgender teen Jazz Jennings — he had problems with the way TLC was promoting the show “I Am Jazz”:

The original tweet now has received more than 3,300 comments in an ongoing debate on the nature of being transgender.

Jazz fired back at Derick the following day after the news story of the TLC rival shows went viral. She wrote that “Every day I experience cyber-bullying […] Today was no different”:

Most of her fans were supportive, while a few pointed out that Derick was not bullying, he was stating his opinion:

TLC released a statement on Twitter that Derick Dillard did not represent the views of the network:

But many viewers felt their brief statement didn’t go far enough:

Others suggested that by airing “Counting On,” the network was endorsing the family’s viewpoint:

Dozens of viewers asked for the network to cut ties with the Duggar family for good:

The Duggars’ original show, “19 and Counting,” was canceled two years ago after reports were leaked that son Josh Duggar had allegedly molested members of his family.

The Duggar family has yet to release a statement. Dearly reached out to Jill and Derick Dillard for a comment, but had yet to hear back by the time of publication.

What do you think about the TLC rivalry?

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