Shortly after the star of TLC’s “I Am Jazz” underwent gender reassignment surgery, Jazz Jennings met the teenager, who would become her first boyfriend, online.

However, as Dearly previously reported, soon after their relationship became “official,” Jennings learned that her boyfriend’s mom didn’t approve of her lifestyle as a transgender female.

Ahmir told Jennings in an earlier episode:

“She didn’t acknowledge you for who you were. So it was like, she would say ‘he’ and ‘that’s a man because he was born a man.’”

Jazz responded by saying:

“So she misgendered me. She just sees me as a guy.”

In the most recent episode, Jazz and Ahmir are seen spending more time together in New York, where Ahmir got a glimpse into Jazz’s real life, including her job as an advocate and an inside look into her recent bottom surgery.

The episode also revealed the phone conversation Jazz had with Ahmir’s mom in an attempt to persuade her to approve of their relationship. As Jazz said:

“It certainly doesn’t help our relationship that Ahmir’s mom isn’t supportive. She needs to give me a chance.”

Ahmir, who was apprehensive about allowing Jazz and his mom to speak because it could lead to him being kicked out of his house, ultimately agreed to a phone conversation.

However, it did not go over well, as Ahmir expected:

Ahmir’s mom, Tara: “Let me just say for myself, my idea of my children is to have kids, have grandkids, and do it the way I expect or I feel, personally, is the natural way or the right way of doing things.”

Jazz: “I want to understand from you what the problem is if he is dating someone transgender, as long as he is happy, shouldn’t that be the priority?”

Tara: First Jazz, what you need to understand is when he first said something to me, I said, ‘Well son, are you telling me that you are gay?’ ‘Oh well, I’m not gay, I’m not gay. No way, I’m never that.’ Okay, well let me tell you this, just in case you don’t understand and maybe Jazz can tell you, if you are with somebody, whether you change their appearance or they live a different way. She was still born the same way you were born. And if that is the case, then yes you are gay.”

Jazz: “First of all, I am a woman. And my biology yes, you could always say that my chromosomes are male. However, my brain, my mind, my soul that is all female, that is all woman. And that doesn’t make Ahmir gay because he’s not attracted to men, he’s attracked to women and I am a woman. And even if he was gay, fine call him gay, why does it matter?

Tara: “I have a friend whose nephew is living the same way you are living. And believe me, dear, anytime I came home to talk about him, [Ahmir] didn’t want to talk about it, ‘That’s disgusting, that’s nasty.’ He has friends who he later found out were gay, my son didn’t even want to mention or have a conversation about something like that. Because anything, whether it be Trans, gay, lesbian, whatever, Ahmir was totally against it.”

Tara added that this is why she has a problem with his relationship with Jazz. Ahmir told Jazz that his mom was spewing “lies,” before hanging up the phone.

Eventually, Jazz convinced him to call Tara back in order to continue the conversation. The second time around went worse than the first.

After listening to why Tara doesn’t understand the lifestyle of transgender people, Jazz said:

“I hope that one day you can understand that I am who I am and we’re forming a great relationship and I wish that you can be a part of it, but if you choose not to be then I guess it is the way it is.”

Tara then responded by saying, “Okay, then here’s another thing, why do you feel like anybody who is of whatever sex or whatever they want to believe try to reverse it and play the victim all the time? You’re saying to me, ‘Oh well if you don’t want to accept this and if you don’t want to accept that.’ What about accepting people for who they are?”

Jazz then got angry:

“I’m saying it because my community does not have the same equal rights as other people in this world. We face discrimination, bullying, violence on a daily basis and that’s why we try to fight for acceptance.”

In the end, Jazz conceded that Ahmir’s mom will never approve of her or her relationship with her son.

She added that she’s not sure what this means for her and Ahmir’s relationship.

Following the premiere of the episode, Jazz took to Twitter to apologize to Ahmir for getting “such a negative edit”:

She went on to say:

If someone has a different opinion and is not accepting, then that is their prerogative. We cannot instill our beliefs upon others. It is not our job to plead for acceptance. We must simply exist with love and be beautiful gifts to the world

this is what happened: Ahmir used to have beliefs and say things that aligned with the perspective of his mom. this is the case for many children. but he has learned and developed his own opinion, and is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community himself.

Jazz added that she won’t apologize for what she said during the phone call and Ahmir’s mom doesn’t have to either.

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8 Replies to “Jazz Jennings Talks to Unapproving Boyfriend’s Mom for the First Time: ‘She Needs to Give Me a Chance’”

  • Unknown 2 years ago

    She’s still a he, no matter what was done surgically

    • Anonymous 2 years ago


      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Yall are gross and I’m concerned about what your concerning over. Seems a little silly to make blanket comments. I am just curious… why are you so worried about what’s in her pants that you have to rabble rouse and comment on a seedy internet post?
        Does her womanhood threaten your manhood? Is it because she’s hot? Laughable

  • LadyWhiteWolf15 2 years ago

    No matter what one does to themself, they cannot change their biological makeup. This kid needs deep psychotherapy-not permissive parents.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      And you need to learn acceptance and kindness without judgment. Obviously you know NOTHING of reassignment. They do get counseling and psychological therapy before hand. They are assessing the mental health of humans making life altering choices. Permissive parents be damned…. maybe gain some education on a subject before you click ignorant insults behind your computer screen

  • eric 2 years ago

    Jazz, you are entering a relationship that is out of the regular realm to begin with. To pick someone who is from a culturally different background, even under regular circumstances, presents a challenge. I have been there as a younger person. I wish my parents had explained this to me instead of yelling and making me rebel. To be honest, Ahmir has nothing in common with you and your upbringing. To make such a big deal when he is your first boyfriend is just not right. There will be more. For your parents to allow him to stay at your house…they are way too permissive. Respect your parents and your grandparents. Find someone with your background, make it easier on yourself and your family. I have grown to love you and your family from afar and this relationship was so, so unsuitable for you. I want you to find someone who fits in with your upbringing. I wish that for you and all happiness!

  • L Kaiser 2 years ago

    All the judgy mcjudgertons you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You don’t like it? So what? Jesus didn’t studder you ignorant cows, love everyone. Clothe, house, feed and love all Gods creatures. Jazz is human and anyone apposed to her is sub-human. Lesser. Ignorant. Sad. But I would still feed you in hunger. I guess that says more about you than me.

  • Winter 9 months ago

    The truth is Jazz you were born a male the mom is clearly stating the facts you feel is totally different and your entitled to your feelings because people feel a lot of things,but you have to accept the fact that you were born a male no matter how many surgeries you have one has to agree with your decision as long as they respect it’s just mid-leading when you say you are a women but can’t really speak from that perspective…Only that you feel like you are Are 2 different things and the mom is entitled to her feelings which sometimes the truth hurts and is not pleasing to the ear…stop changing yourself and start loving yourself without all these surgeries is doesn’t change anything

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