Jay DeMarcus of “Rascal Flatts” is opening up about some of the most difficult moments in his life.

In his faith-based memoir, “Shotgun Angels: My Story of Broken Roads and Unshakeable Hope,” the bassist, 48, reveals that among those moments was when his ex-girlfriend, Maggie, put their daughter up for adoption, People reports.

When the bassist was in his early 20s, he and Maggie had been dating for about one month when the unexpected happened.

DeMarcus writes:

We’d had sex one time, but I knew it. I knew she was pregnant.

During that one time, the condom broke and now the two were expecting a baby. At the time, DeMarcus was a part of a Christian duo called “East to West.”

According to People, he wrote that he was afraid the news of the pregnancy would negatively impact his career.

Unfortunately, he was right. Although DeMarcus’ bandmate, Coomer, supported him, “East to West” was over.

People reports that once word had spread about the pregnancy, DeMarcus explained that his network in the Christian music industry “virtually vanished.”

He writes:

I understand, I guess, but it does seem that many Christians all too often kills their wounded instead of taking time to be there to help pick someone up.

However, he soon realized that his relationship with Maggie was also coming to an end.

He explains:

 [Maggie and I] discussed many options, including getting married and raising the child ourselves, but we quickly determined we’d be making that decision for the wrong reason. Abortion was never an option, so we began to discuss adoption….

It became evident that Maggie wanted nothing to do with me. There was no interest in the two of us somehow working things out so we might raise our child together.

Despite Demarcus’ mother offering to adopt their baby, Maggie followed through with an outside adoption.

Demarcus said:

From the very beginning, I wanted to be in [my baby’s] life. But her mother, Maggie, didn’t want either one of us in her life. That was a hard pill to swallow. I understand that sometimes life sends us reeling because of unexpected situations. But my heart in that moment, though scared, still desired to be in this beautiful child’s life.

In his memoir, DeMarcus writes that he thinks about his daughter every day and she is in her 20s now.

He revealed:

My heart finds satisfaction in knowing that she ended up with a wonderful family, but I’ve had to live with this my entire life. The adoptive family was supposed to give her a letter when she turned 14, explaining that I loved her, did not abandon her, and have tried several ways to make it possible to be in her life.

Despite the depression that came with the loss of his child, DeMarcus went on to have a successful career with the other “Rascal Flatts” band members.

Further, in 2004, the bassist married Allison Alderson, a former Miss Tennessee and CMT personality.

The two share daughter, Madeline, 8, and son, Dylan, 6.

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  • Ann 2 years ago

    You need to contact the show Long Lost Family. You have more information than most people that have been on the show. Her parents may have selfishly not given her the letter. I’m sure she would be pleased to meet you and become a part of your family as well as have you a part of hers if it were agreeable with your wife. This meeting would not take away any love from the parents who raised her, it would just enhance the life she, and you, have had. Pray about it. You will get your answer.

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