Country star Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, doesn’t have any time for mom-shaming.

The 30-year-old has two children with her famous husband, 1-year-old Memphis and 4-month-old Navy.

She’s also raising Aldean’s two daughters from a previous marriage and calls herself their “bonus mom.”

Brittany often shares her life raising the children with fans on social media. However, that sometimes leads to the mom getting criticized by her followers.

On Tuesday, Brittany spoke out on her Instagram story after she received negative comments about her choice of attire for her son.

The mom filmed herself holding Memphis while sending a strong message to her critics. She said:

“Here’s the deal, if I wanna dress my kid in pajamas all day every day, that’s what I’m gonna do. And if you have an issue with it, please unfollow me.”

Britanny continued:

“He wears regular clothes, he wears bathing suits, he wears other things, but just ’cause I document him when he has his jammies on often, who gives a flying f?”

Brittany Aldean/Instagram

The mom then filmed a clip of her son wearing pajamas and told her followers:

“This is for all you who don’t like him being in jammies.”

When Memphis started fussing, Brittany added:

“Tell ’em. I know, that’s how I feel too baby. That’s how I feel too.”

Brittany tied the knot to her famous husband in March 2015 and they quickly started trying to grow their family.

She underwent in-vitro fertilization (IVF) after failing to conceive after a year and a half due to endometriosis, Today reported. The couple then welcomed Memphis in December 2017.

Brittany chose to undergo IVF again to conceive their daughter, Navy. As of now, there’s no word whether or not the couple plans to keep growing their family.

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3 Replies to “Jason Aldean’s Wife Tells Off Mom-Shamers Who Criticized How She Dresses Son: ‘Please Unfollow Me’”

  • Rick Mcconnell 2 years ago

    Good for you,about time Stars or Stars Spouses Speak up for them selves ,hurst because you sit behind a Screen, doesn’t give you the right to Criticize,Complain,say Nasty Things that they Wouldn’t say to your face. It’s your child,if you dress your child in pjs then so be it,the Fans or Followers have No say what so ever, But they Think They Do. God Bless you,Jason and your Children

  • Janet 2 years ago

    I must say I am happy for you Brittany. It is a shame were people put their nose were it does not belong. Little Man is cute as button even in his PJ’s. If any Child is Loved , fed, and housed that is all that matters in any real Parents eyes. A child isn’t going to remember what he has worn (which they sometimes want to wear what they want)They will remember the Love of Their Parents. Oh I wonder what this person that slammed you would of thought of me . I even let mine eat Breakfast at Suppertime LOL

  • Rebecca Feltz 2 years ago

    Yes you dress him in what ever who cares, at his age really people. It’s more important he is loved , and it looks like it to me . He is lucky he isn’t my grand baby he be spoiled, look at that sweet face. Keep doing what your doing he is blessed to have the both of you. When does clothes make the person.

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