Actress and country singer Jana Kramer had to set the record straight for the critics who were mom-shaming her for sleep training her son using Baby Wise.

As US Weekly reports, Kramer shared a photo of her 2-month-old son, Jace, on Instagram Monday.

She wrote:

 Happy 2 months my little ladies man! How has it been 2 months already?!?! He currently is sleeping 7 hours at night. He loves smiling, pooping, eating, and crying ?. (We are sleep training him using baby wise). What methods did you mommas use?

As Money Side of Life reports, Baby Wise is a sleep training program that encourages parents to focus on Parent-Directed Feeding (PDF), an eat-wake (play)-sleep cycle, and eliminating sleep props.

However, some of Kramer’s followers didn’t agree with her choice of sleep training tactics.

One critic commented under Kramer’s post:

I hope people actually do their own research when it comes to “sleep training” and “self-soothing”. Studies prove that babies don’t learn to self soothe and nor should they. Babies come to realise that their needs are not being met, so their brain shuts down. They are not settled they have just stopped crying because they know their needs aren’t going to be met. Breaks my heart that people are actually willing to leave their babies to cry just to they can get a little more sleep for themselves. Sleep deprivation is so hard but I wouldn’t put my baby through that stress just so I could get an extra hour or two ?

Another user commented:

Anyone who is defending sleep training and/or CIO needs to get real. If you think letting your baby self soothe is you doing your best and what’s best for your baby, you are wrong. Sleep is a developmental thing, not something that should be trained into them. Same with self soothing, babies aren’t meant to self soothe, they can’t regulate their emotions. Please do research on the damage caused by letting your baby cry and trying to train them to sleep more than they are developmentally ready. Babies are people not animals, they don’t need to be trained.

Later, Kramer addressed the “trolls” on her Instagram story with her husband Mike Caussin backing her up.

In the video, the mother of two said:

Get off my page and stop being trolly. We’re taking very good care of our baby. He looks pretty happy to me. What do you think? I think he does.”

While Caussin added:

Back off. Leave us alone. Do you and let us do us.”

The couple’s response has drawn even more attention to the post.

In contrast to the critics, Kramer’s supporters have since commented words of encouragement ensuring her that she’s doing a “great job” with Jace.

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3 Replies to “Jana Kramer Blasts Internet Trolls Who Slammed the Sleep Training Method She’s Using for Infant Son”

  • Tina 1 year ago

    Why do they post a retort if they don’t care? You do you and forget what everyone else has to say. People are so starved for the need for a “good job” pat on the back or in this day and age a thumbs up. Someone else approving of you doesn’t mean you are doing a good or bad job as a parent. It just means they had 5 extra minutes on a car/bus right to kill. Get over it!

  • Di 1 year ago

    Quite frankly, I think this woman needs to get the hell off of social media. This isn’t the first negative response towards this mother to surface this month. Is she really this needy???

  • Ginger 1 year ago

    Jana you are doing what is right for you & your baby! I have four children that have always known that I love them & I am always there when they need me! I always made sure they were fed, burped, had a clean diaper on & clean sleep outfits & we had our snuggle & lots of kisses time! I taught them to get their days & nights back on track, to sleep in their own crib & yes I let them cry themselves to sleep! There was never a reason for them to not feel loved! Good for you & your hubby! Good job!

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