Country songstress Jana Kramer often shares moments from her family’s life on social media — and that sometimes leads to a lot of mom-shaming for the 35-year-old.

Now Kramer, who welcomed her second child last November, is hitting back at some of her critics.

It started after the mother of two shared a video of her eldest child, 3-year-old Jolie, to her Instagram story.

The video showed her little girl throwing a tantrum and letting out a piercing scream.

Jana Kramer/Instagram

Kramer later wrote on her Instagram story that she’d received a message from a follower that read, “Your daughter is such a brat omg.”

The mom responded, “Haaaaaahahaha. NO. She is 3!!!”

The country singer then decided to post a shortened version of the video to her Instagram so that she could leave a longer response to the mom-shamers.

Kramer wrote:

Alright guys….finish this caption….. “this is my reaction when……”. Also you guys I’m dying over the girl calling my child a brat. Which is honestly why I’m making this is a main video on my feed. This is 3. No matter how much mike and I discipline, love and parent. Jolie isn’t a brat. Well. She’s our brat. #thisis3

The 35-year-old later wrote on her Instagram story that “Haters gonna hate. Moms are gonna understand.”

This isn’t the first time Kramer has had to speak out against mom-shaming.

In March, the former “One Tree Hill” star had to defend herself after fans accused her of not paying enough attention to Jolie.

The mom-shamers said her little girl was acting out and throwing “fits” because she wanted attention.

At the time, Kramer hit back:

???? You live in my house? So you think u know? No that’s right you don’t!

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