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‘Just Stop’: Jana Kramer Fires Back at Mom-Shamers Who Say She Doesn’t Pay Enough Attention to Jolie

‘Just Stop’: Jana Kramer Fires Back at Mom-Shamers Who Say She Doesn’t Pay Enough Attention to Jolie

Country music star Jana Kramer fired back at mom shamers over the weekend after some fans shared their unsolicited parenting advice.

The 35-year-old mother of daughter Jolie, 3, and son Jace Joseph, 3 months, posted an Instagram story of Jolie having a meltdown at the dinner table because she refused to eat.

As reported by People, in the candid post Kramer firmly told her daughter to “Chew it, Jolie” as she whined at the dinner table. The same day “One Tree Hill” actress shared a picture of the 3-year-old helping her mom in the kitchen and wrote:

Threenager temper tantrum at any moment.

But some fans blamed Kramer for her daughter’s “fits.”

One person claimed that Jolie was upset because her mom was spending too much time taking care of her baby brother and husband Mike Caussin.

They assumed the little girl was acting out for attention.

This angered Kramer and she shut down critics with an Instagram story captioned:

 ???? You live in my house? So you think u know? No that’s right you don’t!

In another video post, she responded to the mom-shamers. Kramer said:

“I know I shouldn’t respond to comments, especially comments like that, but it just drives me crazy that people feel the need to comment on my pictures. And then it makes me upset because I’m like, I want to be able to post a temper tantrum of Jolie’s, just to keep it real, and for the other moms out there, you’re not alone.”

She continued:

“Yet, I have people trolling my page saying, ‘Well, she’s doing that because of this.”

Kramer said she shares videos like this on social media to show other parents it’s normal to have kids who throw tantrums.

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She added:

“Just stop. You don’t know; you don’t live in this house, you don’t know what’s going on. Please don’t tell me why my child’s acting that way, thanks.”

After seeing her comment and posts some fans shared their thoughts on the situation.

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Tuesday mood. Throwing shade. Watch out.

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One commenter wrote on Instagram:

“These people making these comments obviously don’t have kids or they are just stupid. All kids have tantrums. We are not perfect and our kids are not perfect, its called life!!!”

Do you agree with Kramer?

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  • Don’t even acknowledge those that have no idea what goes on in a real family! They are not important & neither is what they have to say! Ignore their ignorance & enjoy your life! You are real & that is a blessing! Thank you for sharing the real world & it’s ups & downs!

  • Uh, no. Better yet, get get the hell off social media with your personal business, knuckhead!!!
    She is constantly doing this. Does this woman truly need the attention this badly?

  • I had nine children ! I can say as an expert! (self proclaimed) Kids throw tantrums ! how else are they going to find out if it works to get what they want, lol hang in there , it only gets bigger as they grow😐

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