Country singer and actress Jana Kramer and her husband, former football player Mike Caussin, opened up about their relationship during a recent episode of her podcast, “Whine Down with Jana Kramer.”

During the episode, which featured journalist Jo Piazza, Caussin discussed his ongoing battle with sex addiction during the first years of his marriage to Kramer.

The former athlete says he made the difficult decision to seek treatment for his addiction when his wife, whom he shares two children with, gave him an ultimatum.

He said:

“Jana kind of gave me an ultimatum when everything came out, and she discovered everything, and she looked at me and said, ‘You need to go somewhere. Basically, you need to figure out what’s going on and what this is, or I’m gone, period.'”

As E! News reports, Kramer and Caussin separated following their first year of marriage when he went to seek treatment in 2016.

The following year, Kramer and Caussin got back together and renewed their vows in 2017. They welcomed their second child, a boy named Jace, in November 2018.

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I told Michael this morning that I have always hated New Years Eve and that every year I cry. I looked at it from a negative view and would get depressed. I have always felt that I’m not where I want or thought I would be in my career and that it’s another year behind my goal. As I reflect on this year professionally, yes I have had a lot of set backs…I lost out on some big acting roles that I got so close to….I got lost in the music world and I heard no more than yes. But here’s the glass half full…I launched a podcast that I have always wanted to do that has not only helped others but my marriage too which I’m forever grateful for…I started my own business for my mommas and babes out there @momsandbabesbox and created something magical that I hope to share soon with @thebriannedavis . And I found my voice. I wrote songs from the very depth of my soul and healed myself in the process and I can’t WAIT to share these new songs with you next year. And most importantly I carried and birthed my beautiful boy into this world and completed (I think) our family. So this year for the first time I don’t look at the negative because I look at this photo and I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be. It has all lead me to this picture right here, together as a family. This year has personally been my best year yet. This year has brought healing and growth and so much love. For all of the pain and no’s this year it is only going to fuel me in the new year to kick so much ass and be unstoppable with everything that I do and hope to do ! 2019, I see you and I’ve got my gloves on!

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Caussin says he’s now at a place where he feels comfortable talking about his addiction and his journey toward being “a year sober.” He no longer feels shame and wants others going through something similar to one day feel the same way.

Following a 60-day stint in a rehab facility, Caussin said he’s still working through “the 12-step program of sex addiction.”

He admits his journey so far hasn’t been easy or “perfect”:

“For me, I realized a lot of things throughout my life that sex and sexual acting out was my addictive behavior, and that’s where I went to hide my feelings, to run away from reality and that was my drug.”

And although he’s only celebrating one year of sobriety, three years after seeking treatment, Caussin clarified that his relapses do not mean “sex outside of the marriage”:

“I spent essentially 29 years thinking or living a different way. Then all of the sudden, you shock your system, you say no, you’re actually supposed to think of things this way. So for people just to flip the switch immediately, that’s few and far between. There’s some people that do, but it’s progress, not perfection. I had my stumbles along the way.”

He continued:

“I’m not minimizing cheating because we have other things in Jana and my discussion on boundaries of what’s cheating, but no sex outside of the marriage. I just want to be clear, there weren’t any other affairs since that moment.”

However, Kramer added that while the relapse wasn’t an extramarital affair, it was almost as bad:

“It’s something he should not have done that was in a circle that was very red, like bad, and could’ve been awful, and that was a massive relapse. Yes, it wasn’t physical out of the marriage, but it was something where the action was, basically.”

The couple said they are openly discussing their journey because they want to help people who may be too ashamed to admit they have a similar problem.

She said in a past Instagram post that not only has her podcast “helped others but my marriage too which I’m forever grateful for.”

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