For a show with the seemingly simple premise of following the lives of one particularly large family, TLC’s “Counting On” hosts some major drama. Of course, every family — especially those with their own TV show — has its own share of controversy, but the Duggar family takes things to a whole other level.

And, aside from the disgraced Duggar family member, Josh, the oldest girl, Jana, seems to draw the most interest from the show’s fanbase. Jana has been dubbed the “Cinderella” of the family; she still lives at home and does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to household duties and rearing her younger siblings. And, most notably, she’s still single.

Jana is only 27 years old, but many of her younger sisters are married and have already started their own families. Needless to say, almost everyone has an opinion on when the Duggar girl should tie the knot.

However, some fans, per the Hollywood Gossip, believe she’s being taken advantage of by her family and, therefore, is miserable. Despite Jana publicly announcing during an episode of the show that she’s been courted by several suitors but wants to wait for “the right one,” as Radar Online reported, many people believe she is stuck helping her parents forever.

Now, after catching a glimpse of the family’s online scrapbook, fans are freaking out about what the unmarried sibling had to say about her future.

She filled all but one prompt, listing her birthday, her favorite food, and even her favorite Bible character, but when it came time to jot down what are her “future plans,” the 27-year-old left it blank — and Jana was the only Duggar child to do so. Even Josh filled in his section with a question mark.

Screenshot/The Duggar Family

This led fans to surmise that Jana is just uncomfortable sharing her truth with the rest of the family. Per the Hollywood Gossip, one fan commented:

She was probably uncomfortable listing her lack of want for five million kids. Better nothing than worldly in that house.

Another echoed that sentiment, writing:

She may have plans, but is afraid to share.

However, judging by an interview posted earlier this year by Radar Online, Jana simply struggles with that question in general. When asked by a producer what she sees herself doing in five years, Jana responded:

“That is so hard to say. I don’t know. Um, that’s a hard one. I don’t really know what the next five years will look like. I guess in some ways you just got hopes and dreams of like, ‘Well, you know, maybe I’ll meet the one and get married and have kids and stuff.'”

Despite people’s fears that Jana is being forced to be a homemaker for her family, Jana’s lack of answers for her future doesn’t seem to point at that. Instead, it appears as though, like most people in their twenties — she just doesn’t know.

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