George and Cindy Anthony were left devastated in 2008, when, after a massive search, their 2-year-old granddaughter’s remains were found just few hundred feet from their Florida home.

Their daughter, Casey Anthony, soon found herself at the center of a highly publicized murder trial that made her a household name.

But nothing ever came of it, according to earlier reports. In 2011, Casey was acquitted of the crime, and no one’s been convicted of killing little Caylee since.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Despite the devastating loss of their granddaughter at such a young age, George Anthony revealed in a new interview with “Crime Watch Daily” that he still sometimes gets visits from Caylee, reports People.

George told host Chris Hansen that he’s “seen Caylee on a couple of occasions.” When asked if she was an “apparition,” the 77-year-old said:

“No, no. I’ve seen her in the flesh in my house. One time she woke me up in the morning, just tapping on me with her little finger like she used to do. ‘JoJo, wake up.’”

Caylee used to lovingly call her grandpa “JoJo,” according to People. The grandfather said that he was sure the sightings weren’t all in his head.

George told “Crime Watch Daily”:

“It wasn’t a dream. It was like you and I are talking right now… That’s not an imagination. That’s love, and that’s a connection that I wish more people could have.”

According to earlier reports, George also recently revealed just how broken the murder trial left their family’s relationship with Casey.

After rumors started to swirl that the former murder suspect may star on a reality show with O.J. Simpson, George said they would sue in order to prevent it.

Cindy isn’t on good terms with her daughter either. She called Casey “mentally ill” in the recent interview.

It’s unclear if Casey will move forward with the rumored reality show. But for now, little Caylee’s death seems to be haunting the family in more ways than one.

Watch a preview of the “Crime Watch Daily” interview below:

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