Ivanka Trump is often seen smiling ear to ear when she is in public with her three kids.

But the first daughter had a sitdown interview with Dr. Oz this week and admitted something both personal and surprising.

She confessed she suffered from postpartum depression after having all three of her children: 6-year-old Arabella, 3-year-old Joseph, and 1-year-old Theodore, as E! News reported.

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Trump explained:

“With each of my three children I had some level of postpartum.”

She described struggling with her frightening feelings that hit her following her otherwise smooth pregnancies:

“It was a very challenging, emotional time for me because I felt like I was not living up to my potential as a parent or as an entrepreneur and as an executive. And I had had such easy pregnancies that in some way the juxtaposition hit me even harder.”

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Trump let her private battle slip out, seemingly, on accident. When Dr. Oz asked why she was willing to open up about her personal bout with postpartum depression, she said, “well, I didn’t know that I was.” She added:

“But you asked me a question and … it’s incredibly important and look I consider myself a very hard-charging person, I am ambitious, I’m passionate, I’m driven, but this is something that affects parents all over the country.”

Sneak peek behind the scenes from my interview with Dr. Oz. Tune in this Thursday, September 21 to watch in full!

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in nine women experience postpartum depression.

While symptoms of postpartum depression are similar to symptoms of depression, they may also include:

  • Crying more often than usual.
  • Feelings of anger.
  • Withdrawing from loved ones.
  • Feeling numb or disconnected from your baby.
  • Worrying that you will hurt the baby.
  • Feeling guilty about not being a good mom or doubting your ability to care for the baby.

Trump will be featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” on Thursday.

Watch Trump open up about postpartum depression here:

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