Over the weekend, an Iowa State football fan joked during the nationally broadcasted show “College GameDay” that he needed more Busch Light for his tailgate party.

On the sign seen around the country, he not only included his plea for more beer money, but he also included his Venmo username so that people could send him the money electronically.


And that’s exactly what people did. As SportsCenter reported after 24-year-old Carson King held his sign proudly on College GameDay, he was sent over $65,000 by complete strangers in all corners of the United States.

But instead of using the gifted money for an insane amount of Busch Light or anything else for himself, King is going to give the large sum of money to his school’s rival, Iowa. The University of Iowa isn’t just known for their football team or their academics, but they are also known for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

During every football game, at the end of the first quarter, every fan in the stadium at the time partakes in a tradition. That tradition includes waving to the children through the windows of the hospital.

According to WHO-TV, King said his parents helped him come up with the idea to donate the money. His mom sarcastically told King that it was a “proud mom moment” seeing her son beg for beer money on national television:

“Their hospital does great things for the state of Iowa. Both for Iowa State and the University of Iowa.  The wave is a huge thing now. Those kids are fighters and they deserve any chance they can get.”

And when both companies, Busch Beer and Venmo, learned about King’s plan, they agreed to match King’s $65,000 donations to the hospital, which continues to grow daily.

Just one look at the 24-year-old’s public account shows donations still coming in by the second.

As WHO-TV reports, King, Busch Beer, and Venmo plan to make the now over $200,000 donation at the end of the month. Meaning, you still have time to Venmo your part of the donation to King if you so wish too.

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