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Two Years After 2 Indiana Teens Were Found Dead, New Mug Shot of Child Molester Has People Making Comparisons

Nearly two years ago, on February 13, 2017, 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams and 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German were dropped off at a popular Indiana hiking spot by their parents.

Later that same day, the two Delphi teens were reported missing after they failed to return to their designated pick-up spot later that afternoon.

Both Abby and Libby’s bodies were found less than a mile from where their parents originally dropped them off.

However, no one has been charged in connection with their murders yet.

Just before their deaths, Libby and Abby left behind a video and a photo of their last day alive. This was a Snapchat photo Libby took of Abby:

Libby also captured a video which authorities believe recorded the person and his voice, who is responsible for taking their lives.

This is a screengrab from that video:

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Tony Slocum called Libby a hero as a result:

“This young lady’s a hero, there’s no doubt about it.

To activate the video system on her cell phone to record criminal behavior that’s about to occur … there’s no doubt in our minds that [this] young lady is a hero.”

Thanks to the video, authorities were able to make this composite sketch in order to aid in their investigation:

Now, following an arrest in Union City, Indiana on January 8, many are comparing the new mugshot to the above composite sketch.

As KICKS96 reports, 46-year-old Charles Eldridge was arrested for reportedly sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl.

He has since been charged with multiple counts of child molestation, and his case has been forwarded to the FBI. Here is Eldridge’s mugshot compared to the sketch:

Randolph County Sheriff’s Department/Twitter

Although this case was forwarded to the FBI, investigators warn that is a “relatively standard procedure.”

Authorities are still asking anyone with any information regarding Abby and Libby’s case to contact the FBI by calling (844) 459-5786 or emailing

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  1. OMG..yes he looks like the creep that did this.I hope this will be the answer..Those precious girls and their families….deserve closure of some kind.

  2. The sketch was made from information from an eyewitness who saw a man matching the description who was on the trail. I’m not sure if they seen him before or after the time was committed. I’m not even sure if it was the same day.

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