Twins Travis and Eric Carlson, 39, were both found dead a day apart in their home state of Montana two weeks ago. According to two witnesses, Eric shot Travis while Travis was at work putting up a fence.

Carter County Sheriff Neil Kittlemann explained what the witnesses saw. according to People magazine:

The workers did not witness the actual shooting “but [saw] the tail end of it. They just went to the house and got the landowners and they called me.”

Authorities immediately began looking for Eric and found him deceased the next morning.

Eric took his own life at a ranch located 11 miles from where Travis died. Eric, who lived in South Dakota, with a partner and two children also owns both pieces of land in Montana on which the men were found dead. Investigators are calling it a murder-suicide.

Information regarding Travis’s family has not yet been reported.

According to Kittelmann, it’s believed that the murder-suicide stemmed from a year-long dispute between Eric and Travis. According to People, those close to the twins didn’t think the spat would end up with this as the result.

The sheriff explained:

“The two brothers have been fighting for about a year. Nobody thought it was serious.”

Kittelmann never went into the details of the fight, only saying:

“We don’t know a reason for why that stuff happens. You don’t know that and I don’t know that.”

The brothers were laid to rest in a joint ceremony on October 29.

Of the joint ceremony, Kittelmann told People that “they’re identical twins,” so he “wouldn’t think the family would prefer to do [the funeral] any other way.”

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