Danny Treskey Jr. and his father, Danny Treskey Sr., were on their way home from a hunting trip when their car slid off the side of the road near Acker Rock Lookout Cabin in Tiller, Oregon.

Thinking quick, the Associated Press reported that Treskey Jr. hopped out of the car and walked 22 miles in the treacherous snow to seek help. He left his dad in the car as he trudged through the sleet with his dog.

After hours of hiking, Treskey Jr. came upon his brother, who had been looking for him and their father. Together, they found cell service and were able to dispatch rescuers to their father.

Treskey Sr. was found alive and well in the car, albeit cold. Now, the younger Treskey is being hailed a hero, but he dismissed the compliments, instead saying:

I believe I did nothing more for my father than any son would have done. Plus it was a team effort. My brother and Douglas County Police and Tiller Fire District.

As for his father, Treskey Jr. said that the elder Treskey was having knee surgery, and because he was stranded in the snow for over 12 hours, he may require further medical attention.

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