One quick look at model Coco Austin’s Instagram and you’ll see just how much she adores being a mom to her and her husband, Ice-T’s, daughter Chanel.

Her Instagram also reveals that despite Chanel being nearly 3 years old, Coco still breastfeeds her.

And rapper Ice-T is now defending his wife’s decision to do so. He told People that Chanel doesn’t fully rely on breastfeeding, calling it more of “a comfort thing”:

“Coco absolutely breastfeeds because she just wanted that mama connection with the baby. And now Chanel doesn’t breastfeed, but she wants the boob sometimes. It’s a moment where it’ll calm you down. But when people say, ‘Oh, Coco’s still breastfeeding.’ It’s not that. Chanel’s drinking everything in the refrigerator right now.”

Ice-T continued to say that breastfeeding hasn’t been his daughter’s primary source of nutrition since “around 18 months,” when she was also given “formula and other things.”

The proud father said:

“It’s more of a baby’s way of getting comfort from the mother.”

However, while the majority of fans praised the mom for breastfeeding for so long, other people took issue with Chanel being almost 3 years old and still breastfeeding, even if it is only for comfort:

Yes this is weird. And yes why is this even a story. Yes to breast feed ur baby is natural. . But at 3 years old come on . At age three people can feel there kids natural food. So yes it weird to me. Don’t care what nobody say. Come on get a grip.

She must stop doing that it’s getting weird really

So when your 3 yr old has teeth and can unbutton your shirt and latch on, that’s just weird and that’ll be one needy kid but jm


He later added that Chanel also finds comfort in sleeping with her parents:

“Chanel’s still in the bed with us now. She worked her way into the bed. But we love it!” Ice-T says. “The thing is, she sleeps in her room but as soon as she wakes up, she’s on her way up to us anyway. We put her to sleep in her bedroom and then maybe 2, 3 in the morning, she might wake up. So it’s not that serious.”

However, if you plan on parent shaming Ice-T or Coco, they probably won’t be listening.

The actor said:

“I never felt shame because who can shame me? Who is the perfect parent? Parenting is a work in progress and all kids are different. People need to mind their business and worry about their kids. We got this handled.”
Ice-T also revealed that they don’t plan on having any more children, saying Coco wanted one girl and that’s what she got.

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