A family that was torn apart by their parents’ divorce received an extra special gift this Christmas when their parents got engaged again.

Jeffrey Agan Sr., 52, and Lorrie Agan, 51, got married in 1989 at a local electronics store in Norfolk, Virginia, where Lorrie worked.

Their son, Jeffrey Jr., told Dearly that the Agans were broke and that his mom’s employers agreed to let them marry in their store.

Jeffrey Agan Jr.

Lorrie was pregnant with her first daughter when the couple got married. The Agans moved to Bowling Green, Ohio, and Jeffrey Sr. supported the family as a truck driver. The family went on to have seven more kids. However, they fell on hard times during the housing market crash. They lost their house, and Jeffrey lost his truck.

The Agans were married for 20 years, but it was marked by intense fighting that drove the couple apart. Jeffrey Sr. and Lorrie separated in 2013 and filed for divorce in 2014.

Jeffrey Jr. told BuzzFeed:

“[I]t tore the family apart. Each of us felt like we had to cope with the destruction in different ways, and on our own.”

He told Dearly that the divorce was especially tough for him:

“For me personally, the divorce was destructive and negatively impacted my mental health. When your parents divorce, your entire view of what love is supposed to be like is just shattered.”

Jeffrey Agan Jr.

But in 2016, his parents recognized the impact the divorce had on the family. They both made an effort to be cordial to one another. Jeffery Jr. said that this past August, Jeffrey Sr. made contact with Lorrie and asked to meet with her. He wrote out a list of things to apologize for.

A few months later, they started dating again.

Jeffrey Jr. was at work when he received a text informing him that his parents were dating.

He told Dearly:

“I was completely surprised … I had to leave work early because I got an anxiety attack. I was so scared — I was absolutely terrified when they started dating again because the whole [divorce] process was really hard and I didn’t know if I could go through it a second time.”

Jeffrey Jr. attributed the change to how hard his parents worked to improve themselves:

“My parents were both willing to accept and admit that they are not perfect people. Instead of looking at what the other person was doing and what wrongs the other person did, they looked inward … They both worked on themselves, they both went to counselors and found different outlets to express their emotions and release frustration.”

During their time apart, his parents both went to school to earn Bachelor of Arts degrees in nursing. They currently work as nurses in the greater Toledo area.

Three days before Christmas, Jeffrey Sr. proposed to Lorrie for the second time. All eight of the kids and all seven of their grandchildren were present.

Jeffrey Sr. didn’t tell any of his children about the surprise proposal, except for his sisters, but Jeffrey Jr. figured it out when he saw how nervous his father was.

When Lorrie opened the gift, she saw that it was a framed poem that Jeffrey Sr. wrote for her. She began to read it aloud, and when she neared the end, her voice trailed off. Jeffrey Sr. got on one knee and held out a ring. She emphatically said yes, and the two embraced.

Watch the proposal:

The poem, titled “Love Burns Anew,” read:

Our love was there, it never left,
Though both of us felt lost, bereft.
Fate intervened for me and you,
Our love caught fire, and burns anew.
So now I ask you, Lorrie, once again,
Will you be my wife, through thick and thin?

Jeffrey Agan Jr.

All of Jeffrey Jr.’s fears about his parents’ relationship went away after he watched his father propose.

He told Dearly:

“All of my fears washed away, and I hope my siblings agree with me that when we saw my dad on one knee proposing to my mom again, [it’s like] a true symbol that our family is reconciling and we can begin this healing process finally, together.”

Jeffrey Jr. posted the video of the proposal online, but he says he didn’t expect the level of response it got. So far, it’s been viewed more than 10 million times.

The son also started a GoFundMe to make sure his parents could have the wedding they didn’t get to have the first time around. The $2,000 goal has been surpassed by nearly $500.

Jeffrey Agan Jr.

Jeffery Jr. told Dearly that his parents’ reconciling has transformed his beliefs about love:

He said:

“I’ve never seen them look so happy together in my entire life … Having definite proof that love exists and having that example set by my own parents is so freaking cool!”

And all of the events that have transpired in the last few days have left him amazed.

He told Dearly:

“Every time I watch that video, I start crying. I was going through a really hard time three weeks ago, I failed a final, my girlfriend dumped me … I was very depressed and then this happened just a couple of weeks later. In three months, you can go from ground zero to cloud nine.”


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