Mom blogger Adrian Wood, 41, was drinking a cup of coffee when her husband came downstairs and told her he had gone to the emergency room the previous evening.

Wood wrote on Facebook that around midnight, her husband was going to the bathroom and “wasn’t careful” in zipping up his pants.

Unsure of what to do next, he took two shots of bourbon and grabbed a pair of pliers. He was going to try to undo the zipper himself, but the thought of something going wrong petrified him.

Instead, he drove himself to the hospital. He told the nurse what happened and — after some embarrassment — he received a shot, and a doctor used pliers to set him free from his pants.

According to The Atlantic, more men experience problems with their zippers than you might expect. An estimated 17,616 men went into the emergency room for “zip-related genital injuries” between 2002 and 2010. In fact, it’s the most common penile injury.

Dr. Steven M. Selbst told Family Practice News that he’s helped many young men with zipper problems. He recommended using mineral oil to lubricate the site and allow the penis to slide out of the zipper.

If there’s injury to the genitalia, you should be sure to keep the area clean to reduce the risk of infection.

Wood’s husband wrote that when his sons heard about the story, they were way less sympathetic than the hospital staff:

As an aside, I have now witnessed two eleven-year-old boys weeping with laughter.

But now the whole family knows to exercise some caution when zipping up.

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