Robby Klein met and started dating his future wife Jady in the seventh grade, and they tied the knot in college. Since then, Robby has gone on to become a well-established entertainment and advertising photographer, working “primarily with musicians and celebrities.” He and his family are currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

When the couple got pregnant with their first child, Robby knew he wanted to “do something special with photography and the pregnancy,” but he just wasn’t sure what.

Robby spoke to Dearly about his family and his inspiration for the coolest maternity photoshoot.

He describes his photographic style as one that is “a bit different,” saying that his “mind works in a different way.” So while he acknowledges the beauty of standard maternity shoots, he knew the same style wouldn’t work for him. He recalls the moment inspiration struck:

So one day I mentioned something absurd to do and then said, “Well, you shouldn’t do that when you’re pregnant!” We laughed about it, but it got me thinking! I then thought about a few other things that one should not do while pregnant, and asked if I could photograph [Jady] doing one of those things…

And so the “What Not To Do While Pregnant” photography series was born.

For the last ten weeks of Jady’s pregnancy, Robby crafted elaborate scenes wherein Jady would play the bada** star. The loving husband and (now) father wanted it known that:

“…Jady and baby Beckett were never in any danger and that no persons or babies were harmed in the making of these photos!”

Location, costume, and props were all key elements that went into producing each successful shot.

Robby explained that he uses minimal photoshop, therefore:

If you see it in the photo it’s because it was there on set. The army tank is real, the alligator is real, the rattlesnake is a statue from eBay, etc.

Robby used his local prop shop, Art Dog Props, to supply materials for the shoot.

Once he found a location, which could take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks, he would see what the prop shop had available for him to use.

Robby says that he and Jady have gotten themselves “into some pretty precarious situations over the years,” so she wouldn’t be opposed to actually tackling some of Robby’s crazy ideas one day.

The couple has an adventurous side, having taken trips to go backpacking in China, zip-lining in Costa Rica, even swimming with sharks (even though they didn’t realize it until later)!

But their biggest “adventure” to date has just been born. Baby Beckett Wylder was born on April 11, 2017, weighing eight pounds 12 ounces.

Beckett has followed in his parent’s adventurous footsteps, having already travelled 16 percent of the United States.

Robby explained:

I travel a lot for work and now that our son, Beckett Wylder, is here he has been cruising the country alongside of us already! His first flight was at 4 weeks old and he is currently 12 weeks old and has visited about 8 states so far and will rack up plenty more when we head to Los Angeles in a few weeks.

Dearly asked Robby if he ever intended to follow up his pregnancy series with another featuring Beckett, to which he slyly answered, “You know, there may just be something in the works with that, we’ll have to wait and see! :)”

To see more of Robby’s work, you can check out his website and Instagram.

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