For the last three weeks, Mickell Heard-Thomas has noticed some weird activity going on in the Ohio home she shares with her husband and their son.

According to Fox 19, food in their freezer started going missing and they found windows they purposely left open closed.

Even weirder, a toothbrush that didn’t belong to anyone in their family appeared and their towels that they hadn’t used since earlier that morning would be soaked when they came home from work. Sometimes, their eight-year-old’s room would smell like fornication.

Screenshot/FOX 19

At one point, Heard-Thomas’s husband started thinking she was having an affair in their Cincinnati-area home. She told Fox 19:

“Yeah, like why does my rag smell like men’s body wash? I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ I didn’t have answers, but I knew it wasn’t me.'”

Heard-Thomas wasn’t having an affair; a couple of strangers were using the family’s house.

A few days ago, the couple trying to take advantage of the Thomas family started getting more sloppy — they entered the home when the Thomas family was still home.

Heard-Thomas told Fox 19 that her husband was on the couch and heard a strange woman’s voice talking in their home:

“My husband said he was on the couch two days ago in the morning and he could have sworn he heard a woman’s voice say, ‘I think he’s downstairs.’ So he gets up to go see what’s going on, they took off through the back door, the back screen door was unlocked.”

Heard-Thomas’s husband then saw the couple for the first time, sleeping in their yard in sleeping bags. He allegedly told them to “get lost and stay out of their house.”

Screenshot/Fox 19

Since realizing they had squatters taking over their home, the family has been staying in a hotel and are even considering moving to a new location. They said the whole scenario has left them feeling uneasy.

“It makes you feel violated. It’s one thing to break-in to somebody’s house, but to be coming in here?”

The family has filed a police report, and they now believe the squatters were getting in through an unlocked window. But they aren’t entirely sure.

The Thomas’s neighbors are hoping to give the family a piece of mind by watching their home while they go to work.

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