This husband just won major brownie points with his wife.

Last month, Orlando, Florida, couple Camila and Paul Clews celebrated Camila’s 27th birthday together.

As she sat happily on the couch on her special day, she began to open a gift from her loving hubby.

What happened next filled her eyes with tears — happy ones, that is.

And Paul caught it all on video.

Paul had gifted his wife with a jacket that once belonged to Henry Vallecillo, Camila’s late father.

Paul told StoryTrender why it was the perfect gift:

“Camila was and always will be a daddy’s girl but Henry passed away when she was just five years old. Her and her dad adored each other like crazy.”

The idea for the gift was sparked when Camila mentioned the jacket one day — she said she wasn’t sure which member of her family had it.

So Paul went on a mission. And after reaching out to some family via Facebook, he finally tracked it down.

When Paul received the jacket, he decided to throw in his own special twist by adding photos of Camila’s father to its front.


“How did you get this,” Camila is seen exclaiming in the video, completely in awe. The clip ends with the pair leaning in for a hug.

For Paul, the reaction was more than worth it:

“Camila obviously misses her dad like crazy but she is really happy to have his jacket which brings her so many happy memories,” Paul said.

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